Nethercraft Classic

118,129 Downloads Last Updated: May 2, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

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With written permission from the original developer here, we have revived Nethercraft and ported it across a bunch of Minecraft versions. This is a classic revival of the Minecraft Beta mod back in 2011.

You can find the orignial Minecraft Forum post of all Scokeev9's mod here:

Disclaimer: the 1.12.2 version is no longer being developed as of January 1st, 2020, please update your game.

📚 Original Description

Many sprites for this mod were made by Johndona1245! Thanks much for the help! This mod will make the Nether 100% survivable, so that you never have to travel back to the Surface to collect items or blocks. All parts of the Glowood Tree are explosion resistant (to a degree), making ghast fireballs hardly a nuisance! Tools, weapons, blocks, trees, sand, glass, minecarts, boats, stairs, almost everything in the Surface world now has its own equivalent in the Nether!

The Nether takes a few Minecraft days at least to acquire lava and make obsidian, so making a portal and travelling to the Nether shouldn't be a break, but should be a greater challenge than the surface, so it's not as boring. The Nether is very similar to a world like the Surface, but always night, and very dark, and hellish, obviously. The Nether is survivable, but that doesn't mean it's easy! So don't complain about how difficult it is, and how you've died too many times! This means you just need to try harder and get better at minecraft. This mod doesn't--to any degree--make the Nether so hard that it's impossible to play. Remember: Have fun!

🎨 Programmer Art

If you are using the 1.14.4 and above version(s) of our ports, the textures have most likely been updated to fit with Minecraft. If you want the original classic textures, you can find them on our resource packs section on our website.

📦 Modpack Permissions

Yeah, go ahead unless told otherwise. Just make sure to give proper credit and you're good.

🌐 Translations

Anyone can translate here and you will be credited on this curseforge description!

   Español (Mexico) translations by: Vamacheron
   Romanian translations by: ARBlueSlime
   Russian translations by: Klim Storozhenko, dasss2000, onebumbot, rush.angry
   Serbian translations by: Iceentei
   Dutch translations by: Luke-Kr
   German translations by: gcan1232-Kr
   French translations by: Sixore, gwistosorbet

🎥 Video Announcement


🎥 Original Nethercraft for Minecraft Beta Let's Plays

These videos are really old and they're playing on Minecraft Betas 1.4_01, b1.6.6, b1.7.3 and Minecraft 1.0.0 New showcases and reviews will be put up here if anyone makes some.

Video by FrazerMedia

Video by CavemanFilms

Video by Misery

Video by Noximous


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