Nether Things

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Nether Things is a 1.14.3 mod made using Fabric API. It adds some things related to the Nether

Latest version: for 1.14.3 (Require API 0.3.0 / build.192 recommended)


  • The overworld's ores are now being generated in the Nether but in differents layers! The amount generated is identical, except for gold which is more there. Oh, I almost forgot, Glowstone and Quartz Ores are now findable in the depths of the overworld.


  • More tools, sword and armor with Nether, Glowstone and Vibranium sets... wait, Vibranium ? Yes a new ore that generate rarely in the Nether ! Vibranium set are very resistant and more interessant than diamond but you need diamond pickaxe (or similar tier) for obtain Vibranium and obsidian needed. Anyway, Wakanda forever !



  • The Nether lacked vegetation, that's why the mod adds 3 variants of mushrooms/huge mushrooms and a new cactus type that hurt a lot.

  • Enjoy the use of theses mushrooms to make you a soup that will enlighten your game.
  • Use moderately (or not) lava sponges that have a very huge range, but are a bit expensive. 


  • In the lowest accessible places of the Nether you can find areas of basalt to make basalt bricks.



Thanks to :

Draylar : Config File

pandory-network : "Deutsch" translation

XuyuEre : "Chinese (Simplified)" translation 

Mods inspirations :

  • "NetherOres" by skyboy026
  • "Natura" by mDiyo, progwml6 & alexbegt
  • "Adamantium Mod - Better Than Diamonds!" by reygok
  • "Quark" by Vazkii



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