Nether Things

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Nether Things is a 1.14.4 mod made using Fabric API. It adds some things related to the Nether

Latest version: 1.2.0 for 1.14.4 (Require API 0.3.2 / build.218-1.14 recommended)


The overworld's ores are now being generated in the Nether but in differents layers! The amount generated is identical, except for gold which is more there. Oh, I almost forgot, Glowstone and Quartz Ores are now findable in the depths of the overworld.


More tools, sword and armor with Nether, Glowstone and Vibranium sets... wait, Vibranium ? Yes a new ore that generate rarely in the Nether ! Vibranium set are very resistant and more interessant than diamond. You can also create potions of toughness and if you're rich you can make potions of invincibility, yes invincibility. but you need diamond pickaxe (or similar tier) for obtain Vibranium and obsidian needed. Anyway, Wakanda forever !




There is always the same biome in the Nether, a little diversity is only good! However watch out for Blaze and Wither Skeletons out of their fortress, They stalk in condemned areas and blazing soils.



In glowshrooms biomes like you can find 3 variants of huge glowing mushrooms. Their glowmoos friends have fun in Nether meadows! 

Enjoy the use of theses mushrooms to make you a soup that will enlighten your game.

Don't hurt Wither Pigman and Nether Cactus in Condemned Biomes, they aren't cool.


What about crops? Use your Nether or Glowstone Hoe to till soul sand! The ghost, quartz and Wither seeds are very nice, you should try!

You can also find Glowing Reeds and Blazing Berry Bush in surrounding area! Theses berries prefer hot places.

If you want to become a real ghost, try the Ghost Bread



Use moderately (or not) lava sponges that have a very huge range, but are a bit expensive. 


In the lowest accessible places of the Nether you can find areas of basalt to make basalt bricks.


 French post :


Thanks to :

Draylar : Config File

Valoeghese : Biomes Files

pandory-network : "Deutsch" translation

XuyuEre : "Chinese (Simplified)" translation 

Mods inspirations :

  • "NetherOres" by skyboy026
  • "Natura" by mDiyo, progwml6 & alexbegt
  • "Adamantium Mod - Better Than Diamonds!" by reygok
  • "Gany's Nether" by ganymedes01
  • "NetherEx" by LogicTechCorp
  • "Quark" by Vazkii



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