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Six Smarter Skeletons

This starts by adding some six nasty smarter skeletons which each has unique abilities and who are smarter and more vengeful than normal Minecraft Skeletons.  They also have the power to convert some other creatures to serve them.


These crafty critters will turn vengeful and track players down who attack them while firing arrows from a greater distance than usual.  They will also convert other skeletons who get too close!

Other surprises await but the following configurable features are offered:

Tougher the further you get from spawn, if you like.

You can set a minimum range to start and a maximum range to stop making them tougher.

The default is for them to start with hit points about the same as skeletons but to slowly rise to over 40 hit points out past 20,000 meters from spawn.  Smite V recommended!


Themed common and rare loot based on the type of nasty mob.

Configure mobs based on Biome

There are six kinds of skeletons, each with unique special abilities. 

You can make them faster in plains, tougher in swamps, slower in the snow, and so on by skeleton type and biome type.

Configure Spawning Light Level

You can configure the light level they spawn at from 0 to 15.  The default light level is 9.

In MC 1.20 version, spawning light level was changed to spawning light adjustments, with the defaults of 2 for light and 0 for block light (similar results to the older MC 1.19 default values).

Optional Temperature Based Spawning

If this is enabled, then some skeletons have preferred temperature ranges while others still spawn anywhere.

The Purple skeleton prefers cold temperatures, the Green skeleton enjoys medium temperatures, the Red skeleton likes hot temperatures.

(And they can all spawn from any spawner cage but you control the likelihood ("spawn weight")!)

Individual Control over Spawning Weight

Turn off any skeleton you don't like by setting their spawn weight to zero.


4 new advancements to recognize your history.


Nasty Skeletons have the ability to convert normal Skeletons and Wolves to nasty Skeletons and nasty Wolves!

You can control the range and how fast normal skeletons are converted.

You can also control whether wolves

Never turn nasty.

  • Turn nasty only if wild.
  • Turn nasty only if wild or tamed but unnamed.
  • Named Wolves never turn nasty.


You have permission to use Nasty Mobs in mod packs, on your server, etc.   Drop a comment here so we can see it running out there if it's on a public server!  👨

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