Mystical Mobs

401,172 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 20, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10  


This mod adds a few creatures inspired by real life and fantasy. The main reason it was made was because I was dissatisfied with other mob mods, and Mo'Creatures isn't allowed in modpacks. It currently only adds a few creatures, but I plan on adding many more.



  • Skeleton Warrior
    • Just a skeleton with a sword, and a higher chance to spawn with armor
    • Only wears armor from a specific set, so you'll never find one in full suit of gold
    • Doesn't drop arrows, does drop bones, and can drop skulls
  • Flying Eye
    • A winged eyeball whose eyelid is also a mouth
    • Spawns only in darkness underground
    • Drops ghast tears
  • Ender Eye
    • A rarer variant of the flying eye
    • Spawns in dark underground areas and anywhere in the end
    • Teleports and shoots blinding projectiles
    • Drops eyes of ender
  • Fish
    • Passive
    • Spawn underwater like squid
    • Drops fish


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