Mystic Divination

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Mystic Diviantion is a magic mod that brings a twist to Minecraft. It implements a whole new concept to the game. A system known as Morality. Morality can be raised or decreased by doing a variety of different things, from mining certain ores to eating certain foods. A player's morality governs certain spells that they can cast. The spells are cast in the form of what is called an "Order." Orders are held within card items that are crafted from Tarot Paper and various essence items to infuse the paper with the Order's power.

For example a player who primairly focuses on Sin may be able to cast an Order that drastically increases their Strength for a period of time. In the alternative, a player who focuses on Virtue may be able to cast an Order that drastically increases resistances.

In addition to the morality cost, certain spells also require certain reagents that are needed to act as a catalyst to cast the spells. Another neat feature Mystic Divination adds is something  I like to call "Alter Crafting." Certain alters can be found/created that will allow the player to right-click on it with an item and then retrieve a new item in it's place. For those familiar with Advent of Ascension's alters, this system was inspired by that.


Overall Mystic Divination is designed to give the player a new type of Magic to play with and add new systems to enhance your experience. 



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