Unplanned 2 is a Modpack that is the successor of Unplanned. Unplanned didn't make it out of Beta because too many mods started updating that broke other mods and then it became impossible to make everything work together. And also impossible to ignore some mod updates due to security fixes. I actually had no intention of making Unplanned but was surprised by its success even in Beta. So I decided to wait a while in the Minecraft background and let things become stable. Unplanned was made around the time Minecraft 1.19 was getting ready for release. So after waiting some time and letting mods update and letting Minecraft push itself to 1.19.2 I created Unplanned 2!

This Modpack centers around Mine Colonies and Dungeons. You can literally do whatever it is you want. There are no locks or walls or anything like that. This pack is meant for you to literally exercise your creative imagination. Do whatever it is you like and whenever you like. The goal is to do what you want! Build your own Empire/Kingdom/Colony with Mine Colony and defeat the Ender Dragon and other Challenges that present themselves in the pack. Overall, just have fun! There are Bosses from Alex's Mobs, Dungeon Mod, and a few others that provide a challenging experience. You may say, Ender Dragon? Really? To which I respond, yes really. This pack overhauls the entire Ender Dragon fight and makes it incredibly difficult. Nor is it a "simple" task to get to The End. You will have trials and Tribulations. No Spoilers.

After you have defeated the Ender Dragon you will be able to explore some new generation in The End dimension as well as participate in some of its unique dungeons. Or you may choose to continue to increase and enhance the size of your Empire/Kingdom/Colony etc. Or perhaps tackle some of the more "secret" bosses lurking within the pack. Regardless of what you decide, this is still Minecraft, and the choice is ultimately yours.

As for you builders! Do not worry, you are not forgotten. Tech lovers? I got you covered. Magic enthusiasts? You were in mind! Seriously, get out there and have fun! There are a large number of decorative mods in here to help you create a vast variety of constructs. Let your creativity free!



Want to do a review of the Modpack? A Let's Play? Something else really cool relating to the pack. DM me and let me know and if approved, it'll go right here on the Description Page!

Let's see some stuff!!



Yes there will be a Wiki for this Modpack. It is vast and there are many pieces to it. I plan to have an in-game guide as well as a Wiki page and this will be updated accordingly.


 I am proudly partnered with BisectHosting and yes this pack has been made to be SMP Compatible! Want a server to take on the trials with some friends or family? Check out BisectHosting and use my code above! I suggest around a 6GB to 8GB package