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Bees flying


Tired of your bees running out of stinger? Want bees to hate you more? Then this mod is for you! Make bees sting to your heart's content!


Hate the fact that bees care when you hurt them? Well, just open up the configuration and make the bees never have a stinger in the first place! This mod truly lets you do it all! If "all" is changing bee stingers, of course.


Do clients need this installed too?

No, the mod only actually does anything on the server! This means you can install it on a Forge server without any pack updates :)


Where's that pesky configuration file?



You're gonna make me copy the configuration file / how do I make this work in modpacks?

Use the Forge "defaultconfigs" folder! Just copy "multisting-server.toml" (as seen in the above image) to the "defaultconfigs" folder in the .minecraft folder (as seen in the above image, as well).


How do I use the thing?

Install the mod, and then customize your configuration! See above how to get to it.

Here's the default configuration:

#How many times a bee can sting. -1 = infinite, 0 = never, 1 = normal behaviour
#Range: > -1
sting_amount = -1

As you can see, just change the number after "sting_amount=" to how many stings you want the bees to have. -1 will result in infinite stings (this is the default behavior), 0 will result in no stings (EVER!), and any other number will result in that many stings.


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Created by its_meow

My website: https://itsmeow.dev/

its_meow's Modding Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zrjXjP5