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This mod adds rideable versions of some of your favorite mobs! From the peaceful farm animals like chickens and pigs, to the no-longer-fearsome beasts such as the creeper and ravager, there's a Mount for just about everyone! Plus you can further customize your Mounts with things like extra textures or even flight!

There's 4 categories of Mounts: Ground (which runs along the ground), Flying (flies by default), Water (slow on land but are the only Mounts that can swim) and Slime (jumps around like one would expect a slime to).

Getting Started

First you'll need a Mountable Core, crafted with a tripwire hook, 4 leather and 4 iron ingots. Surround that with a certain item to craft a Mountable. Which Mount you get is dependent on the item used; a list of all Mounts can be seen below. Right click the Mountable on the ground to spawn your Mount. Sneak clicking the Mount allows you to pick it up again. Most food can heal your Mount in the case of an accident. If your Mount dies, don't worry! It'll drop it's Mountable so you can respawn it (presuming there's no lava involved...) You can right click your Mount with a feather (configurable) to grant flight to any Mount that can't fly by default (slimes get the unique ability to jump midair instead) Some Mounts can be modified using items, a list of all modifications can be found below.


A list of all current Mounts can be found below. The item in parentheses is the item required to craft that Mountable. Customization options are also listed. Key: G=Ground, F=Flying, W=Water, S=Slime, B=can be turned into a baby version
- snow golem (G) (snowball): shears remove pumpkin, carved pumpkin reverts it
- cow (GB) (beef): mushroom for mooshroom, shears to revert
- pig (GB) (pork): glowstone for (secret), carrot to revert
- sheep (GB) (mutton): dye or wool, shears, nether star for (secret)
- chicken (GB) (chicken)
- spider (G) (string): spiders eye for cave spider, string to revert
- creeper (G) (gunpowder)
- slime (SB) (slime ball): has bouncy movement. magma cream for magma cube texture, slime ball reverts it
- ghast (FB) (ghast tear)
- wolf (GB) (bone)
- cat (GB) (cod): cod cycles texture
- squid (W) (ink sac): glowstone block for glow squid, ink sac to revert
- fox (GB) (sweet berry): snowball for arctic texture, spruce log to revert
- wither (FB) (soul sand)
- bee (F) (honey comb)
- llama (GB) (wheat): wheat cycles texture
- panda (GB) (bamboo): bamboo cycles textures
- zombie (GB) (rotten flesh): sand for husk, water bucket for drowned, flesh reverts it
- skeleton (G) (bone meal): coal for wither, snow ball for stray, bone reverts it
- guardian (W) (prismarine shard): cooked cod for elder, prismarine shard reverts it
- ravager (G) (leather)
- hoglin (GB) (cooked pork): rotten flesh for zoglin, pork to revert
- phantom (F) (phantom membrane)
- turtle (WB) (scute)

commissioned by The Ult1mate Guy