More Paxels

3,440 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 5, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

More Paxels works along side my other mods:


Tiny Progressions

Knob Control

More Shears


More Paxels works side by side with BaseMetals, ImmersiveEngineering, Adamantium & Taiga.

All recipes use ingots, If you would like to change that please use CraftTweaker!

More Paxels add the following types of Paxels to the game.

Wooden Paxel
Flint Paxel
Stone Paxel
Golden Paxel
Diamond Paxel

Copper Paxel
Silver Paxel
Tin Paxel
Lead Paxel
Nickel Paxel
Platinum Paxel
Cold-Iron Paxel
Mithril Paxel
Star-Steel Paxel
Steel Paxel
Bronze Paxel
Brass Paxel
Electrum Paxel
Invar Paxel
Aquarium Paxel
Adamantine Paxel
Cupronickel Paxel

Immersive Engineering
Aluminium Paxel
Constantan Paxel
Copper Paxel
Electrum Paxel
Lead Paxel
Nickel Paxel
Silver Paxel
Steel Paxel
Uranium Paxel



Adamantium Paxel



Abyssum Paxel
Adamant Paxel
Astrium Paxel
Aurorium Paxel
Basalt Paxel
Dilithium Paxel
Duranite Paxel
Dyonite Paxel
Eezo Paxel
Fractum Paxel
Ignitz Paxel
Imperomite Paxel
Iox Paxel
Jauxum Paxel
Karmesine Paxel
Lumix Paxel
Meteorite Paxel
Nihilite Paxel
Niob Paxel
Nucleum Paxel
Obsidiorite Paxel
Osram Paxel
Ovium Paxel
Palladium Paxel
Prometheum Paxel
Proxii Paxel
Seismum Paxel
Solarium Paxel
Terrax Paxel
Tiberium Paxel
Triberium Paxel
Tritonite Paxel
Uru Paxel
Valyrium Paxel
Vibranium Paxel
Violium Paxel
Yrdeen Paxel

All Paxels Durability is set to match the Material used to craft the Paxel. but can also be changed in the config file.


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