More Loot Tables

718,620 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 11, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2


A small mod that adds loot tables for the Wither and Ender Dragon and the Husk variant of zombie. In minecraft 1.10.2, neither of those bosses used loot tables. In Minecraft 1.11, loot tables were added for the Ender Dragon, but not for the Wither.


There are configs options to selectively enable or disable each added loot table type.

Note: If you enable it for the Wither, then the loot table will override the normal Nether Star drop, and if you still want to retain that too, add it to the loot table.
Note: In 1.11 the Ender Dragon got a loot table in vanilla, and thus it was removed from this mod.

The locations for the loot tables are:

  • minecraft/entities/husk.json (1.10.2 only)
  • minecraft/entities/boss/dragon.json (1.10.2 only)
  • minecraft/entities/boss/wither.json

Mod packs/permissions

  • Mod packs: go ahead!
  • Re-hosting the mod file otherwise is not cool, mmkay?


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