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This mod is intended for pack makers, map makers and more technical players who wish to have more options when customising loot. Its purpose is to add additional functions, conditions and loot entry types that are requested by the community.

Documentation can be found here. The added conditions, functions and loot entry types are listed briefly below for convenience. See the wiki for full documentation.


Name Description Required Mods

true if looting happened in one of the specified biomes.


true if looting happened in the specified dimension.


true if looting happened within the specified coordinate bounds.


true if the looted mob was killed by a player that is not a fake player. If inverted, true if the looted mob was killed by a fake player.


true if the player has the specified stage.

Game Stages API

true if the player has any of the specified stages.

Game Stages API

true if the player has all of the specified stages.

Game Stages API

Why isn't this mod available for versions before 1.12.2?

Some changes to Forge were required for some of the features of this mod to be possible, they are only available with at least Forge 1.12.2-, so this mod cannot be backported to earlier MC versions or Forge versions.


Need help or have a question?
I have a discord server with a dedicated channel for More Loot Stuff. You can of course also contact me here, but I'd advise going to the discord server as you can get help there when I'm otherwise occupied.


Have a suggestion?

Create an issue here or just comment on this project. Note that it is not currently possible to create new types of loot entry, so I am not taking requests for them at the moment.  I intend to make a PR to Forge to change this, when it is accepted I will remove this note.


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