More Interactions



More Interactions is a mod that adds many small interactions, sometimes that interaction may be between a player and an entity, other times between two seperate entities. Not all interactions have a direct effect on the player, for example, squids targeting baby turtles is an interaction between entities and does not involve the player. Others, like plucking feathers off chickens, are interactions instigated by the player. The goal of this mod is to make the world feel more interactive, by adding interactions in a vanilla style. More Interactions is also very configurable, more information on that is on the wiki.



For more detailed information on the features, visit the wiki.

  • Shear sheep using a sword.
  • Pluck feathers off chickens using shears.
  • Raw meat causes food poisoning.
  • Squids target and attack baby turtles.
  • Squids target boats.
  • Punching fire lights you afire.
  • Punching cacti hurts you.
  • Broken tools drop materials.
  • Right-clicking bricks with a pickaxe cracks them.