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You want a massive amazing world with many things to explore? Want a bunch of well developed species and intense lore? Forget about that, you get Moolands :)

Warning: In older versions, this dimension may be intense on your PC!

🍡 1.16+ Requires Structure Gel API

Download it here. Structure Gel is an API mod designed to make creating structures easier on the developers, specifically ones using the jigsaw system. All code is open source and documented. It is also used to aid in the process of creating dimensions and portals.

🐮 Summary

Moolands is a dimensional mod that adds new terrain as well as two new mobs. The terrain is varied across the entire world and provides a “unique” experience to the player.

🥛 How to play

To get to the Moolands you must create a portal frame with Glowstone, and light it up with a milk bucket.


🐄 Other things to do

You can saddle Awful Cows, they are quite fast and jump high, however being outside the Moolands causes both those things to decrease. There are random mushroom house structures that will spawn, of which in 1.19+ contain chests with loot.

🤷 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I use this in my modpack?

Yes, you definitely can. Just make to provide credit to all the authors respectively and link back to the CurseForge page.

Can I redistribute this mod onto other platforms?

Yes, but before doing so make sure that all downloads are directly linked to CurseForge and provide credit to all the authors respectively.

🌐 Translate Moolands - help break the language barrier!

All translators are credited here that have translated the mod to their native languages. Thanks to OneSkyApp, you can translate easily!

Flag icons made by Freepik from

  Deutsch (Germany) translations by: ratte1976
  English (United Kingdom) translations by: demeersemanisaac
  Español (Mexico) translations by: Vamacheron, Cuervo
  Français (France) translations by: lololoustau
  हिन्दी (India) translations by: Masks3D_WOLF
  Italiano (Italty) translations by: Redz_CAiiF
  日本語 (Japan) translations by: Vamacheron
  Nederlands (Netherlands) translations by: Critical
  Polski translations by: Jengordyn
  Русский (Russia) translations by: PinkGoose, imya nam legion
  Slovenčina translations by: hrusicka0
  Српски translations by: hrusicka0
  Türkçe (Turkey) translations by: beysoynisa
  简体中文 (中国) (China) translations by: Bei_kui
  繁體中文 (台灣) (Taiwan) translations by: dsf_dsf

🤚 Support: If you have questions or any issues with our mods, read the FAQ! You can also either submit an issue on the issue tracker, or come into our Discord server where we can help you!

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