Modest Steel

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This mod adds steel and some additions to coal.

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- Coal and charcoal chunks smelt one item each, and can be crafted with their respective coal.

- Coal powder is crafted with coal through a stone cutter, and can be smelted into coke chunks

- Coke chunks can be crafted into coke, which is a great fuel source

- Coke and iron create crude iron, which can be smelted into steel ingots in a blast furnace

- Steel can be added to almost anything made of iron in the smithing table

- Steel nuggets can be acquired through smelting steel gear, and can be used to craft steel ingots

- Flint and steel has been renamed to Flint and Iron


Steel gear is similar to iron but slightly stronger, it has more durability and has added armor toughness/knockback resistance. It requires the smithing table because it is meant to be an upgrade to iron, rather than a replacement.

Steel blocks such as doors are more durable than their iron variants.

Check images to see what some of the items look like, and what the recipes are.


You may use this mod in any modpack or video if you wish to.


This mod is required for Modest Mining

Thanks to Cursed Warrior for reviewing the mod


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