Modern Elevators and Escalators

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Please Read! Important Notes

Please read the following and back up your worlds before downloading!

  • [Fabric only] Fabric API is REQUIRED. Install the latest version of Fabric API (for the corresponding Minecraft version).
    • [Fabric only] Mod Menu is optional but provides an easy way to configure the mod's settings.
    • [Forge only] Architectury is REQUIRED. Install the latest version of Architectury (for the corresponding Minecraft version).
    • 加入论坛发问题、建议、或 bug 反馈!
    • This mod will not be updated for any older Minecraft version. The source code is publicly available on GitHub, so you are free to do it yourself.
    • If you have Minecraft Transit Railway installed, DO NOT install this mod! The Minecraft Transit Railway mod already has these features bundled.

How to make elevators

How to make escalators

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Please report any issues or bugs that you find; that would be greatly appreciated! Refer to the issues page to see currently known issues.

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