Mob Population Control


Mob Population Control


This *server* mod increase server uptime and reduces server operator manual maintenance.


In standard Minecraft, Mobs which pick up items are flagged so they will not despawn.   Normally this is fine but in a few cases it can lead to runaway populations which cause drops in display, player and even server lag and excessive memory usage.   Server Operators have to do a lot of manual effort removing these unwanted mobs.


One of the more more common cases is when of the traitorous chickens wanders around equipping all the zombies with eggs but there are a few others too.


Mob Population prevents mobs that pick up junk items on the configuration list from being flagged as permanent.  Instead, the mobs will despawn normally as players leave the area.


MC-175294 : Persistant Zombies will build up over periods of Time.


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