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40,930 Downloads Last Updated: May 31, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

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Classic Online ARPG Magic Mod

MineKraft: Ultra is a mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 that adds traditional online rpg classes for the player to choose from; expanding combat options significantly. We focus on accessibility and action-packed combat, and you won't find a lot of pointless bars to fill or an unending grind to access the cool stuff. The largest inspirations for the combat and class design are Hexen, Everquest 1, and the Hero-system from Warcraft 3.

Current Features

  • 12 Classes
  • 60 Magical Abilities
  • Heals, Buffs, Nukes, DoTs, HoTs, Crowd Control, AOEs, PBAOEs, Bard Songs with Twisting, and More
  • Traditional Class Design of Heals, Tanks, and DPS
  • Class-Based Armor Restriction System
  • 4 New Armor sets (8 With Base Metals Integration)
  • A New Primary/Offhand Item for Casters - Magic Idol
  • MMO Style Party System with XP Share
  • Expanded Critical Hit System for Melee Weapons, Projectiles, and Spells
  • New Player Attributes: Mana, Mana Regen, Magic Armor, Magic Damage, Cooldown Reduction, Critical Chance and more.
  • An API for introducing your own classes and abilities (for the coding inclined)
  • A New JSON-configurable Spawning System Designed to make creating consistent adventure content easier for content developers.
  • 17 Abilities and Spells for Mobs

Class List

Visit Our Website to see a list of the currently implemented classes and their abilities.


MK: Ultra has only one required mod which was built specifically for MK: Ultra, but made standalone since it could be useful for others.

Version Details

  • Built for Minecraft 1.12.2

Mod Integrations

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Getting Started

The first thing you must do to start using the MK-Ultra mechanics is unlock your first class. This is accomplished by crafting a class-unlock item. You will be able to unlock all classes in the game and switch between them at will, so don’t worry about this choice to much. The class you choose will determine what abilities you get, how much health and mana you will have, and what armor you can wear.

Unlocking Classes

Classes are unlocked by crafting or aquiring a Class Unlock Items. The first item you can aquire is the Desperate Icon. You will need sticks and a tree sapling:

recipe for desperate icon

This will allow you to unlock the first class: The Green Knight.

The Green Knight will give you a balanced mix of offensive and defensive abilities and can wear the heaviest of armors.

The second Class Unlock item is the Sun Icon, it will give you 8 more classes to choose from. If you are playing without Base Metals, the recipe for the Sun Icon is:

recipe for sun icon

If you are playing with Base Metals, the recipe will be:

recipe for sun icon, with basemetals

The Sun Icon will unlock:

  • Cleric
  • Nether Mage
  • Brine Wizard
  • Brawler
  • Digger
  • Skald
  • Archer
  • Druid

The third Class Unlock item is the Moon Icon, it will give you access to 3 more classes, with 5 more coming in the future. If you are playing without Base Metals, the recipe for the Moon Icon is:

moon icon recipe

If you are playing with Base Metals, it will be Mithril Ingots:

moon icon recipe, with basemetals

The Moon Icon will unlock:

  • Moon Knight
  • Wave Knight
  • Ranger

Learning Abilities

After you have learned your first class, you can now open the Class Panel, the default hotkey for it is ‘J’. The screen will list the abilities your class can learn and has some additional stat information. You should have 1 ability point to spend, you can put it in either of the first 2 abilities. Other abilities will unlock as you level up.

class panel

Click the plus button to level up an ability, or the minus button to reclaim a spent point for reallocation, or to re-order your abilities on your hotbar.

Leveling Up

In order to level up you need to construct an XP Table.

xp table recipe

Place the XP Table Block and right click it to open up the level up screen:

xp table screen

Each level will cost you progressively more XP. With level 2 costing 2 xp levels, and level 10 costing 10 xp levels. You will gain an ability point for every level. The maximum level is 10.


When you die, you will lose 1 class level and your last spent ability point will be removed. You cannot lose a level or ability point if you are level 1.

Learning More Classes

If you want to learn a new class, you first need to forget the class you already have:

Get some rotten flesh and bread and craft them into Forgetfulness Bread:

forgetfulness bread recipe

When you eat the forgetfulness bread you will lose your current class and return to your original classless state. The level of your class will remain and when you swap back you resume where you left.

Swapping Between Unlocked Classes

If you want to swap back to a class you have already unlocked you must make Diamond Dust. In the crafting panel you can crush 1 diamond into 2 diamond dust with your hands:

diamond dust recipe

If you are using Base Metals or Better With Mods, you can crush the Diamond using the Crack Hammer or the Mill to improve the efficiency of this recipe to 4:1

You can then right click with the Diamond Dust in your hand to open the Swap Class Menu:

class swap menu

This menu will show all classes you have previously unlocked and let you choose between them.

New Hotkeys

There are a few hotkeys to keep in mind with MK-Ultra:

  • The Class Panel is where you see your stats/learn abilities. It defaults to ‘J’.
  • The ability hotkeys are bound by default to ALT-1, through ALT-5. You might want to rebind to 1-5 as you will be using the abilities in combat often.

A Note On Balance

MK-Ultra was built with modded minecraft in mind. In particular, we balanced our combat around the presence of additional mobs, as you would see in Lycanite’s Mobs or Ice and Fire. If you play MK-Ultra without such content additions you might find yourself to be overpowered

MK Spawner

The new MK Spawner System will allow you to configure mobs for spawning. This system is suitable for hand built content as well as for use in tools like recurrent complex. To see the system in action check out this video:


Visit the wiki to learn more about configuring spawners, or if you just want to see what the data looks like visit our MKSpawnConfig repo to get you started.


Sponge Compatibility


Set /sponge config -g entity-activation-range.mods.mkultra.enabled false in order to ensure that all spells function correctly.