Minimal Menu

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Minimal Menu is a small client side mod that allows the user independently toggle many buttons on the title screen and options screens. It also adds features like a button to reload saves, and view saves folder. Designed to work with mod menu and mod menu only.

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*Requires cloth config and mod menu


  • Pause the rendering of the background panorama
  • Dirt menu background for title screen
  • Add saves folder button
  • Add reload saves button
  • Add button to directly open the .minecraft folder or list all .minecraft directories


  • Remove splash text
  • Remove "Java Edition" subtitle
  • Remove singleplayer button
  • Remove multiplayer button
  • Remove the Realms Button
  • Remove the accessibility Button
  • Remove the language button
  • Remove the copyright text
  • Remove the Realms notification button from the options screen
  • Remove the feedback button from the pause screen
  • Remove the bug report button from the pause screen
  • Remove the open to lan button in singleplayer
  • Remove the open to lan button in multiplayer


  1. Download and install Fabric from here
  2. Download Fabric API mod from here and place in your mods folder.
  3. Download Modmenu from CurseForge (Required to be able to configure mod, all settings are off by default.)
  4. Download Cloth config from CurseForge
  5. Download Minimal Menu from the github page or from CurseForge and place in your mods folder.