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The world is full of scary monsters but never fear, you can build an army to defend yourself! 


  • Find a Mercenary Leader in villages and right click to access their gui and hire a Mercenary
  • Right click your hired Mercenary to equip them with weapons. Can use melee weapons or bows (requires arrows)
  • Mercenaries must be fed (by putting food in their inventory) and paid (by putting emeralds or diamonds in their inventory). You will get alerts in chat when they're close to abandoning you.
  • Set your mercenaries movement state (follow, idle, or stay) and attack state (attack, defend, or passive). Key-binds to control all followers at once
  • Set the location of your mercenaries camp. When you die they will return home.
  • Configurable: open a world once then look in world_save/serverconfig/mercenaries-server.toml


- If you have any questions or suggestions, please join the discord server: https://discord.gg/VbZVnRd
- Commissioned by raffle
- If you'd like to commission your own mod: https://moddingtutorials.org/commissions