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ATTENTION: This mod is not very optimized and balanced!


The recipes cannot be unlocked via Advancement right now!

Just use the recipes once and they are in your Recipe Book then!

Recipes can be found in the IMAGE TAB.


The mod adds a very fast quarry, that doesn't even need fuel.


It should be compatible with every "modded Item Pipe" (+ Hoppers of course).


Thanks to Vantazzy (Definetly check out his Twitch Channel) for his concept of "Hardmode Recipes"!

You can switch them on in the config file!


Have fun!


P.S.: You are free to use this mod in any modpack.

You may not earn money with this mod and you may not earn, that any other person than me (ThexXTURBOXx) made or contributed in this mod.


Screenshots are in the "Images"-Section.


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