MCMusic Player

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MCMusic Player is a mod that allows you to play music by easily putting it into a folder. There's a button in the GUI to open the songs folder easily.


WARNING! This mod IS BUGGY! I do not have plans to maintain it. You can consider it abandoned


MCMusic Player is similar to mp3Jukebox by masl123, but not entirely the same. As of the start of development, I was not aware that this mod existed but while researching for the programming I stumbled across it. If this mod were for 1.12, I would have halted development, but it has not been updated since 1.10, so I decided to continue.


GUI Image:



Libraries Included in this Mod

This mod contains CodecJLayerMP3 by fireandfuel. CodecJLayerMP3 has not been modified in any way. CodecJLayerMP3 is licensed under the LGPL. You can find its source code at


This mod contains mp3spi and JLayer classes by JavaZoom. No classes have been modified. mp3spi and JLayer are licensed under the LGPL. You can find them at and


This mod code contains Tritonus by the Tritonus Team. Tritonus is an open source implementation of the Java Sound API. No classes in Tritonus have been modified. Tritonus is licensed under the LGPL. You can find Tritonus at




It is recommended this mod is used with the GUI Scale set to Normal.

Please note: If you hit "Reload Songs" it will cause your song to stop playing.


Credits: Me, its_meow(formerly known as hiotewdew), for literally everything in this mod. Thanks to Panda for keeping me sane.


If you have any suggestions please tell me in the comments! Issues can be reported in the Issues tab above. The source code is available in the Source tab above.

You may use this mod in any modpack.

Enjoy the mod!



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