Make Every Biome Spawnable Lol


Make Every Biome Spawnable Lol





 This mod REQUIRES the fabric mod loader and Fabric API

We will not be porting to Forge or backporting to older versions of Minecraft,



In vanilla Minecraft you're limited to spawning in just a few biomes (plains, forest, taiga and jungle, with a few exceptions). This mod removed this restriction and allows the spawn to generate in any biome.


The mod is configurable, you can blacklist specific biomes or turn the blacklist into a whitelist.

Example Config:

"IS_WHITELIST": false,

 Note: Minecraft only only checks a 256 block radius for spawn biomes, if the config is a whitelist and no valid biomes are found, it'll just put the spawn down randomly. Same goesfor the blacklist if all biomes in the radius are blacklisted.

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