Miner Arcana - Astral



The practice of the arts of psychic projection and inversion, the exploration of the psychic world hidden around us, and the development of the inner worlds of the mind.



Astral is a mod that allows players to explore distant lands and the inside of their minds and fly as a ghostlike entity. By building multiblocks in their mind using ethereal resources gathered while in Astral form, players can gain various benefits in and out of Astral form.



Documentation about the mod is provided through Patchouli, which is a mandatory dependency. The mod creates a Patchouli book called the Astronomicon that provides information about the blocks, items, dimensions, and entities added by the mod.


Important Items

Snowberries - Berries found in Snowy Forests and Taigas that grant Regeneration and Nausea.

Feverweed - Edible plant found in Jungles that grant Luck and Hunger.

Traveling Medicine - Medical concoction that grants Astral Travel. Crafted from Snowberries and Feverweed. Can be used to brew potions that enhance the effect.

Introspection Medicine - Medical concoction that allows you to explore the Inner Realm of your mind.

Offering Brazier - Machine that sends items to the Inner Realm. Cannot send tile entities and items with fuel values.


The Inner Realm

The Inner Realm is a dimension that is bound by unbreakable blocks called Ego Membrane and Astral Meridian. By completing various advancements, players will be awarded with Keys of Enlightnment when they are in the Inner Realm. Right clicking on Astral Meridian blocks with a Key of Enlightenment will break the wall with the Astral Meridian block and expand the Inner Realm to the adjacent chunk.


Players can build multiblocks called Mental Constructs that only work inside the Inner Realm that provide various benefits to the player.


Mental Constructs

Most of the mental constructs work by having a control block. Right clicking the control block while it's in the Inner Realm will have it check for blocks in a 7*7*7 area to determine it's potency.

Garden - Centered on the Comfortable Cushion. Restores hunger after a certain amount of exhaustion points has been accumulated. Potency is determined by the number of block with the astral:garden_objects tag in the area multiplied by the astral:garden_plants tag.

Library - Centered on the Index of Knowledge. Stores a value that increases by right clicking it while you have 10 * (current level + 1) levels. Whenever you regain HP, you gain 1 level until your level is equal to the value of the Library.


Astral Travel

When you use something that gives Astral Travel, you fall asleep and then gain the ability to fly when you wake up. While you are Astral, you no longer take physical damage, and do not get targeted by most non-Astral entities. Your flight speed is around running speed, and you cannot sprint. Flight speed also decreases based on the number of blocks you are above the ground, which will eventually slow you down to walking speed. You regenerate HP using XP instead of hunger. You also spawn a body that stores your non-Astral inventory while you are Astral. If that body takes damage, your max health while Astral decreases, and if it dies, you die as well. If you die while you are Astral, you teleport to your body instead of dying. Right clicking on your body will end Astral Travel early.

Intention Tracker

You can hold down a specified button to send your Intention as a projectile in the direction you are looking at. If the button is released or any other button is pressed, you teleport to where the projectile is at the cost of XP. If the button collides with most blocks, it will be destroyed and you will not be teleported. The Intention Tracker can also be used to activate various effects when it collides with certain blocks.


Astral World

Etheric Isles
Astral players will find floating islands above the ocean. They contain Ethereal Trees, grasses, and rarely Crystal Spider spawners. Ethereal Trees can be used to make the handle for Phantasmal Tools, which can be used while Astral.

Crystal Spiders
Cave Spiders made of glass that spawn on Infested Etheric Isles. In addition to the standard attacks that a spider performs, it can fire a Crystal Web projectile that will inflict Mind Venom and place a Crystal Web block on Normal difficulty and above.

Crystal Web

Ethereal variant of Cobwebs that inflict Mind Venom to Astral entities


Mind Venom

You slowly lose XP, and if you run out of XP, you take poison damage.


Phantoms gain the ability to target Astral players and take Astral damage. They now also drop Sleepless Eyes, which is used for the Index of Knowledge, and Phantasmal Edges, which are used for the heads of Phantasmal Tools.


Mod Compat


- The Garden (Mental Construct) recharges your mana storage devices like a Ring of Aura

- Adds recipes for the Botanical Brewery for Snowberry Brews, Feverweed Brews, and Astral Travel Potions

- The Garden will recharge mana items in your Curios inventory


Mod Spotlights

bstylia14 [1.15] (At 3:18)


MrAshleeD [1.15]



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