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Local LooksNOTE: This mod requires Citadel 1.11.0 or later for 1.18.2 and Citadel 1.8.0 or later for 1.16.3+!

Local Looks is a simple mod that adds one item: The Magic Mirror. When used, this mirror opens up a GUI that allows the player to change their skin to any valid, uploaded skin. There are also additional appearance options. Included is support for transparent and high resolution player textures as well.


Asides from being able to rapidly update your skin in game, the unique aspect of Local Looks is how each skin is unique to the game save in question. For example, a skin you change in one world or server will stay that way, provided the mod is installed, until it is changed or reset through the use of the mirror again. This means every minecraft save can have a different look to it!

Here's a gif of Local looks in action:

Local Looks in action


Local Looks works on the server side, meaning that servers must have the mod installed for it to work. The player's name and title will also not be changed by any update to the appearance, and any caching of the textures is done on the client side. Further more, each change of the player's appearance consumes the mirror, meaning more have to be crafted.

The Magic Mirror is given to all new players by default(configurable) but additional mirrors can be crafted like so:
crafting recipe

One important limitation to note is that Local Looks only supports skins that are 1:1 height:width ratio. In other words, only skins that are in the new, square format will work properly. Also note that LocalLooks cannot "find" images on its own - if you don't link it directly to a file, it will not work! To solve this, make sure your entered URL ends with .png or other supported image extensions. If you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, an easy way to ensure this is to right-click an image and select "Copy Link". For best results, upload your skin to websites like imgur where they are secure, can be publicly accessed and are less likely to be removed.


If uploading files is not your forte, you can also select a skin png or jpeg from a folder added to your minecraft directory.


Local Looks has several configs for both servers and clients, including whether to give players a mirror on startup, whether mirrors are single use, and whether transparency of skins is supported. Future updates may introduce saving recently used skins, upgraded mirrors and animated textures.


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