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⚙️ Loader: FABRIC

📦 Required: Origins and Fabric API (Latest supported version: 0.90.7)

🎖️ Strongly recommended: Better Combat

🌎 Localization: 🇺🇸 en_us (English US)   🇪🇸 es_es (Spanish Spain)

💡 Tip: Don't forget to configure your keyboard controls in minecraft options menu.


📖 Overview: Legendary Races, Classes and professions for an immersive Minecraft RPG and PVP game style.

• 4 Races, 6 Clases and 6 Professions in 144 different combinations.
• New Recipes and game mechanics for a perfect game experience.


- RACES - 


♦ Humans are the most adaptable and ambitious of the common races. They have very diverse habits and fully live in the present, which makes them ideal for an adventurous life.

Bribe: With an emerald equipped in the left hand, can bribe a wandering trader to increase reputation, getting discounts from all the merchants in the nearby villages for a considerable time and only once a day.



♦ Elves are an ancient race of humanoids, they venerate mother nature, are intelligent and very lethal in the forests.

Climb: Can climb trees and make its way through their leaves in order to advance or hide.
Fall Resistance: Can reduce fall damage by crouching before hitting the ground.
Undetectable: Can hide when sneaking in tall grass, bushes and near the leaves of trees.
Jump: Can make higher jumps when standing on dirt or over trees.
Poison Resistannce: Can resist 50% poison damage and duration.
Speed: Movement speed over dirt is better than in other environments.



♦ Wild and fearless, orcs are always on the hunt for enemies to destroy. Motivated by their hatred of civilized races and their need to prove that they are the fiercest fighters in the world.

Strength: With a natural brute force and extra base damage, is certainly a dangerous opponent.
Resistance: Extremely strong-bodied, well-muscled and impressive resistance to knockback.
Equipment: Starts with a Stone Axe.
Dexterity: Axes are not only a tool, the training and continuous use have allowed to increase the attack speed and damage, becoming into a powerful weapon of war.



♦ Bold and resilient, dwarves are known as skilled fighters, miners and craftsmen of stone and metal.

Digger: Digging speed is higher compared to other races.
Luck: Motivated by the wish to obtain treasures and good luck always goes with them.
Equipment: Starts with a pickaxe and a stone shovel.
Dexterity: The pickaxe, a frequently used tool they can use as temporary weapon.
Resistant: Due to prolonged heat exposure in earth's depths, they have acquired a remarkable resistance to high temperatures.




♦ The adventurer is an enthusiastic fan of exploration and discovery. Prepared with the essentials for survival and always vigilant to any potential danger.

Backpack: Always carries a backpack with enough space to store the essentials for survival.
Pockets: Extra storage for valuable items that will persist even if the adventurer dies.
Equipment: Starts with some essential survival items: compass, spyglass, food and more.
Alpinist: Can climb trees, mountains and caves if hands are completely free.
Overnight Break: Can slowly regenerate health by resting near a campfire during the night.



♦ Their different aspects and abilities make them superior beings. Blessed by Mother Nature and recognized as 'Beasts Masters'.

🦅 Eagle Aspect: The perfect aspect to travel from high altitudes and discover the world.

• Activation: [SHIFT + 1]
• Aspect Duration: 1 minute.
• Cancel: [SECONDARY]

Go up: You can go up from the ground or while flying. [PRIMARY]
Eagle eyes: Can detect living entities while flying at a moderate altitude. [SHIFT]
Vision: Has excellent night vision.
Diet: Raw chicken, rabbit and fish.


🐬 Dolphin Aspect: The perfect aspect to explore oceans.

• Activation: [SHIFT + 2]
• Aspect Duration: 2 minutes.
• Cancel: [SECONDARY]

Outside water: You know what will happen if you leave your habitat for a while.
Hunt: You can feed directly while swimming (empty-handed hitting).
Damage: Inflicts powerful unarmed underwater damage.
Vision: Can see perfectly well while submerged.
Diet: Raw fish.


🐺 Wolf Aspect: As a true ALPHA, you're fast, strong and an excellent predator.

• Activation: [SHIFT + 3]
• Duration: 3 minutes.
• Cancel: [SECONDARY]

Vision: The perfect vision for a predator.
Damage: Strong jaws and sharp fangs makes a lethal hunter. (Unarmed)
Diet: Meat.

The Herd: While in Wolf aspect, can tame other wild wolves using a rabbit's foot. These wolves will have an enhanced health, attack and defense bonus.


🦔 Mole Aspect: An incredible aspect, to live exceptional underground experiences.

• Activation: [SHIFT + 4]
• Duration: 4 minutes.
• Cancel: [SECONDARY]

Climb: Claws are designed to excavate and move efficiently in dirt and rock environments.
Vision: Has limited short-range vision, although within that radius, vision in dark is perfect.
Slow: Due to his limited vision doesn't like to run.
Immunity: Immune to poison.
Diet: Spider eyes and beetroot.
Digger: Its claws cannot mine metal deposits, but can detach them.
Detection: Completely fascinated by minerals, metals and gems. When near any of them, its body emits green sparkles. Can detect them at very close range and even behind walls.



♦ Rogues usually initiate combat with a surprise attack from the shadows. They are always alert to hide or flee if the battle turns against them.

Climb: Have the ability to climb any obstacle.
Jump: Can jump 2 blocks high.
Double Jump: Thanks to rogues' training, double jumping is a natural quality.
Fall Resistance: Can reduce fall damage by crouching before hitting the ground.
Limit height: A 6-block height is not enough to cause damage.
Ender Chest: Starts with an Ender Chest to hide and retain everything.
Immunity: Immune to blindness, darkness and slowness.
Poison Resistance: Can resist 50% poison damage and duration
Speed: Walking, running and stealth speed is higher.
Undetectable: When not running, the footsteps or jumping sounds are practically imperceptible.

Daggers: Daggers or knives are much faster and more effective.

♦ Compatible Mods with daggers and knifes:

♦ Simply Swords
♦ Farmer's Delight
♦ Minecells
♦ MC Dungeons Weapons

Crossbow Skill: Trained in the use of crossbows, can perform several effect shots, allowing some distance advantage.

🎯 Shots: Specific items must be equipped in the left hand before firing the crossbow.

Dark Shot: Crimson Roots [Blindness]
Poisonous Shot: Warped Roots [Poison]
Piercing Shot: Diamond [Critical Damage]

Stealth Mode: Stealth mode will be activated when sneaking in dark places or at night (Heartbeat sound). Becomes temporarily invisible and undetectable in this mode, however it will be deactivated for 30 seconds when attacking or being hit.

Backstab: The First attack from behind using swords, knifes or daggers in stealth mode deals a very dangerous critical damage.

Steal: Can carefully steal to villagers and wandering traders from behind, but if detected, will be impossible to trade with them due to the temporal bad reputation. In stealth mode is less risky.



♦ Magicians shoot down their enemies, keep them at a distance and hold them back with arcane or elemental spells.

• All offensive, defensive spells and magic traps depend on magic power.
• Magic power will regenerate slowly.
• Regeneration potions restore the Magic Power (Splash or Lingering potions don't)

🔥Spells and Traps

Fireball: Ball in flames that cause moderate damage and burn effect. Consumes: 10MP
Arcane Shot: Energy ball that causes levitation to the target. Consumes: 10MP
Lightning: Summons a lightning bolt from the sky to the target. Consumes: 10MP
Fire Shield: Fire barrier that surrounds Magician. Consumes: 20MP
Ice Shield: Ice capsule that protects Magician. Consumes: 20MP
Lightning Shield: Lightning discharge around magician. Consumes: 20MP
Lava Trap: Targets are trapped into a burning magma capsule. Consumes: 40MP
Ice trap: Targets are trapped into an ice freezing capsule. Consumes: 20MP
Healing: Heals 5 hearts to the magician. Consumes: 40MP



♦ Hunters mainly perform ranged attacks using archery skills.

Damage: Inflict higher projectile damage depending on the distance, focus and bow tension.
Resources: Gets more materials and resources than usual: leather, hide, wool, meat and more.
Equipment: Starts with a bow and 32 arrows.
Quiver: Arrows stored will persist, even if the hunter dies.
Creature Detection: Can detect nearby living entities in forests when sneaking.
Enhanced detection: At midnight, on treetops and under moonlight, detection radius is wider.
Recipes: Can make arrows with a variety of alternative materials directly on a fletching table, which can also be used as a workbench.

🎯 Bow Shots: Can perform special shots by equipping specific objects in the left hand before firing the bow.

Piercing Shot: Critical Damage that ignores armor [Diamond]
Explosive Shot: Explodes on impact [Fire Charge]
Infernal Shot: Burns target to death. Water is not a short time solution. [Magma Cream]
Lightning Shot: Chance to hit the target with a lightning bolt if it's raining [Lightning Rod]
Poisonous Shot: Causes Poison and Nausa after the impact damage [Crimson Fungus]
Paralyzing Shot: Causes Slowness and Weakness [Warped Fungus]
Corrupted Shot: Causes withering [Nether wart]
Levitating Shot: Levitates target [End Rod]
Teleporting Shot: Teleports hunter to the impacted living entity [Ender Pearl]
Healing Shot: Completely heals the impacted player [Enchanted Golden Apple] 



♦ Warriors are always ready to fight and most of the incoming attacks are absorbed by their shield and heavy armor.

Resistance: 50% knockback resistance to all incoming attacks.
Shield: The shield gives +2 extra defense.
Equipment: Starts with a shield and an iron sword.

♨️ Unstoppable Rage: With each defeated enemy, the warrior's thirst for blood and annihilation increases until it explodes in a violent discharge of deadly critical blows.

• Activation: [PRIMARY]
• Cooldown: 20 seconds

🛡️ Unbreakable Defense: Every time the warrior receives physical damage while carrying a shield, the ability to absorb part of it will progressively accumulate defensive power until becomes a temporary burst of immunity to damage.

• Activation: [SECONDARY]
• Cooldown: 20 seconds

🛡️ Shield Dash: Uses defensive power to charge, damage and blow away anyone in its path.

• Activation: [SHIFT]+[RIGHT CLICK]
• Distance: 5 blocks
• Cooldown: 10 seconds




♦ This activity is about traveling to new territories or unknown places, with the essential objective of discovering their geography, mineral deposits, vegetation and fauna.

• Explorer Ranks: Each rank obtained will give you an experience bonus.

Higher the rank... harder to get!

♦ Rookie: 5 Levels
♦ Skilled: 10 Levels
♦ Expert: 15 Levels
♦ Master: 20 Levels
♦ Elite: 25 Levels
♦ Epic: 30 Levels
♦ Legendary: 35 Levels


♦ Activity aimed at crop harvesting and animal husbandry for food production.

• Crops: By using bone meal in a crop, nearby crops within 1-block radius will also benefit.
• Livestock: Meat obtained from livestock is higher.


♦ Miners are experts at breaking rocks with precision to find and extract more resources.

• Digging: Digging speed is definitely better.
• Extraction: Better chances finding minerals, metals and gems.
• Vision: Improved vision in caves or dark areas.


♦ Specialized manufacture of improved leather armor.

• Leather Hat: 2 Defense
• Leather Tunic: 4 Defense
• Leather Pants: 3 Defense
• Leather Boots: 2 Defense

♦ Each leather armor piece has +3% Speed [Full set +12%]


♦ Manufacture of high quality gold and diamond weapons and armors.

• Golden Sword: 5 Attack
• Golden Helmet: 2.5 Defense
• Golden Chestplate: 5.5 Defense
• Golden Leggings: 3.5 Defense
• Golden Boots: 1.5 Defense

♦ Each Golden Armor piece has +1 toughness.

• Diamond Sword: 7.5 Attack
• Diamond Helmet: 3.5 Defense
• Diamond Chestplate: 8.5 Defense
• Diamond Leggings: 6.5 Defense
• Diamond Boots: 3.5 Defense


♦ Manufacture and improvement of iron, chainmail and netherite weapons and armors.

• Chainmail Helmet: 2.5 Defense
• Chainmail Chestplate: 5.5 Defense
• Chainmail Leggings: 4.5 Defense
• Chainmail Boots: 1.5 Defense

• Iron Sword: 6.5 Attack
• Iron Helmet: 2.5 Defense
• Iron Chestplate: 6.5 Defense
• Iron Leggings: 5.5 Defense
• Iron Boots: 2.5 Defense

• Netherite Sword: 7.5 Attack
• Netherite Helmet: 3.5 Defense
• Netherite Chestplate: 8.5 Defense
• Netherite Leggings: 6.5 Defense
• Netherite Boots: 3.5 Defense

• Netherite upgrades should be crafted at the workbench like others.

• In this version the smithing table does not allows custom recipes. 




• Villagers and wandering traders will call for help if they feel threatened by players.
• With a bad reputation, villagers and wandering traders will not trade with you for a while.
• Milk will feed you properly.
• All races depends on Energy.
• Energy Affects: Sprint, Climb, Double Jump and Hunger.
• Honey (in a bottle) restores 20% of total energy.
• You can Jump over Fences.





- FAQ -

Q: Is Legendary Origins an addon for Origins mod?
A: Yes, it is. However, its RPG-PVP content and features offer a different gaming experience.
• Default Origins are not included in order to maintain a balance within this classic thematic.


Q: Is Legendary origins compatible with other origins addons?
A: Legendary Origins is designed to manage only its own Races, Classes and Professions.
• Please, verify you are using the proper and most recent origins version.


Q: Can I include Legendary Origins in my mod pack?
A: Absolutely! You are allowed to use this mod in public/private modpacks.
• I do not allow anyone to repost this mod on other sites without my permission