L2 Library


Library for LightLand mods.



Forge 1.18.2 / 1.19.x / 1.20.x Only


Player Attribute Tab: show basic player attributes

Curios Tab: allow you to access all your curios slots at the same time. Supports up to 54 slots per page, and if you have more slots, you can flip the pages. Easier to use than Curios's default scroll side bar when you have a lot of slots. Does not support render button and cosmetic slots.

Available in:

  • 1.19.2: 1.10.0+
  • 1.20.1: 2.4.0+


If you see "missing L2Tabs / L2ScreenTracker on client", then it means that you have L2Library on server, but not on client. Those are builtin mods for L2Library.

Here are a list of mods / game libraries L2Library mod jar contains:

  • Registrate (game library)
  • MixinExtras (game library)
  • L2Serial (game library)
  • L2Library (mod, which is also builtin in Twilight Flavors Delight, and Cuisine Delight)
  • L2Tabs (mod, builtin in L2Library mod jar, but not in Twilight Flavors Delight and Cuisine Delight)
  • L2ScreenTracker (mod, builtin in L2Library mod jar, but not in Twilight Flavors Delight and Cuisine Delight)


Checkout our other mods:

L2Backpack: Backpacks, mass item storage, and remote transportation

L2Artifacts: Curios items that gives high attribute boost and special abilities

ModularGolems: Tinker-like highly customizable golems that are handy in combat and mob farms

L2Complements: End-game materials, gears, enchantments, and potions

L2Weaponry: A variety of melee weapons, throwable weapons, and shields, each with special abilities

L2Archery: A variety of bows and arrows, each with special abilities

L2Hostility: Mob enhancement mod that adapts to player strength. Kill mobs to increase difficulty, and reduce difficulty when you die.

Curse of Pandora: A variety of charms that can be chained into necklace and bracelets to combine powers

Twilight's Flavors & Delight: Farmer's Delight style food with Twilight Forest ingredients. Also adds food in Neapolitan styles.

Cuisine Delight: Cook your own plate with any combination of ingredients you can think of

Fruits Delight: Adds 11 types of fruits and 48 food items. All fruits have unique food effects


Features for Players:

Inventory Tabs

Configs for L2 mods overlay