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This mod adds a form of "documentation" to the mod KubeJS using the mod Borealis as a means of accessing that documentation.
It adds a homepage to Borealis that allows anyone to get the details of a class file loaded on the client/server.
See below for previews/examples

As of v1.0.3:
Borealis webpage generation using KubeJS Server-side Scripts.
Example: https://i.gyazo.com/4de6c9bb33867d7c037cb6e34899160a.mp4
Code: https://github.com/Hunter19823/KubeJSBorealis/blob/master/src/test/resources/example.js

KubeJSEvents added:
> borealis.page
> borealis.homepage
KubeJS Bindings Added:
> borealis
> Borealis
> HTMLPage
> HTTPWebPage
> HttpWebPage
> JSONWebPage
> JsonWebPage
> HomePageEntry
> HomepageEntry
> Homepageentry


Home Page

BlockWrapper Page:
Block Page ExampleChestEventJS Page: