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Borealis is a mod that opens a webserver from your Minecraft instance for information and documentation purposes.

To access the web page, for single-player worlds and local servers it's http://localhost:48574/, but for dedicated servers, it will be the IP of your server instead of localhost (e.g. You might need to do port forwarding for TCP 48574 in your router!

The mod itself will add documentation for the mods KubeJS and a live FTB Quest progress screen. (Both of which are planned to be separated into their own add-ons).
This mod is more used as a dependency.
This mod also provides a library for other mods to create webpages with in order to create their own interactive pages.
The webserver is started whenever a world is loaded and shut down when there is no longer any world loaded.
As of version 1.1.0, KubeJS Documentation and FTB Quests Integration have been separated into their own mods. 

As of version 1.1.5: Borealis now has 5 built-in pages for mod-list, player-list, a JSON tree viewer, as well as two JSON pages for world info as well as player list info. See screenshots below: 
ModList Page:
Mod ListJSON Viewer:
JSON ViewerPlayer List:
Player ListPlayer List JSON:
PlayerList JSON

This mod is a port of the original Aurora mod which can be found here:



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