KubeJS Additions


KubeJS Additions

Now with Jade Plugin Support & Custom JEI Categories/Recipe Types in 1.20.1!

More info found here

Jade Support

JEI Categories & Recipe Types

You can now listen to any Fabric or Arch event in 1.18.2+

Examples found on GitHub here

You can also find a full list of example events on KubeJS's discord in this thread.

Additions For 1.16.5 (as of v1.1.1):

- Most Wrapper Classes now have the same methods as their native Minecraft Classes.
- See mixin files located here for full method list

Additions For 1.18.2 (as of v2.0.1):

  1. Player Respawn Event (player.respawn)
  2. Player Clone Event (player.clone)
  3. Player Change Dimension Event (player.change_dimension)
  4. Entity Enter Chunk Event (entity.enter_chunk)
  5. Farmland Trample Event (block.trample)


  1. Fluid.of now accepts fluid tags.
  2. Recipes expecting FluidStacks can now use a FluidTag.

QOL Changes:

- Fluid.of will accept tags for recipes.

WorldJS Additions:
- Enabling/Disabling Force Loaded Chunks
- Listing all Force loaded Chunks
- Ticking Chunks
- Finding the nearest Biome to a position
- Finding the nearest Map Feature to a position
- Spawn a prebuilt netherportal at a location
- Select a random player on a server.

PlayerJS Additions:
- Force drop a specific item from inventory
- Get the mining speed for a specific block
- Check whether a player can harvest a specific block
- Check if a player can harm another player
- Force a player to interacting with an entity using a specific hand
- Force a player to attack an entity
- Disable a player's shield.
- Force player to sleep anywhere/wake up
- Find a player's bed position
- Add to a player's stats.
- Toggle a player's elytra
- get/set/modify food/saturation/exhaustion levels
- Magically give a player food/saturation
- Force player to eat specific item.
- Retrieve a player's enderchest inventory.
- Check/Remove/Give item cooldowns to the player.
- Get the ammo for a Bow-like item in a player's inventory.
- Get a player's armor level.
- Force a player to push another entity as if they were cramped together.