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The 1.15-Update will be skipped and the 1.16-Update is being worked on!
I will update the 1.14.4 version one time and then the 1.16-Update will get priority, to be out as soon as possible!


Koratio adds a lot of things to the game, focused on Fantasia, a new Dimension you can explore.
To start with that, you need to build a portal out of lapis-blocks & ignite it with a ruby and steel made with an iron-ingot & a ruby.

The ignited portal should look like that:

Ignited Fantasia Portal



On the other side are difficult monsters, rare looted dungeons and bosses who don't want you there.

Can you survive against this?


This mod is still in development. Some of the features might not be implemented yet.

If you want to follow the development, you can join the mod's discord.

If you have any problems with the mod, tell which version of Koratio & Forge you are using and send a link to pastebin or something like that with the log-files! Otherwise i can't help you.



All Rights Reserved unless otherwise explicitly stated(22.04.2019 by Sebastian (Ingamename: Setrion).

You are allowed to:

  • play the mod
  • use the mod in your modpack(private and public)
  • making videos about the mod
  • posting the mod on your webside(but only if my name is mentioned and link my forum thread!!!)
  • using my images (but don’t do your waterbranding on it and mention the source of them!!!)


You are not allowed to

  • Say that you made the mod
  • make your own download link for koratio, use the one from curse forge linked in the download section





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