Earths Animals

25,545 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 20, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

 The animals in this mod are from the mobile-game Minecraft Earth


For now the mod contains 10 mobs, the Moobloom

MoobloomIt places Flowers while walking, can be sheared for buttercups and can be found in sunflower-plains


The Cluckshroom

Cluckshroomit places mushrooms while walking and can be found in mushroom-biomes.

The Melon Golem

 that places snow while walking & shoots mobs with snowballs.

The Tropical Slime

The Tropical Slimethat bounces on the beach.


The Glowsquid

The Glowsquidthat glows by night.


The Bone Spider

The Bone Spiderthat shoots bone-shards in range-combat!


The Skeleton Wolf

The Skeleton Wolfthat loves to kill sheeps!


The Horned Sheep

The Horned Sheepthat has horns. obviously! :D


The Jolly Llama

The Jolly Llamathat looks like a walking christmas decoration!


and the Muddy Pig

The Muddy Pigthat loves to jump into mud!



- You can modify the biomes, where every mob can spawn (except the jolly llama, they're only spawning in december, everywhere there normal llamas can spawn)

- You can decide if moobloom could place buttercups or not
- You can decide if cluckshroom could place mushrooms or not


If you have any problems with the mod, tell which version of Earths Animals & Forge you are using and send a link to pastebin or something like that with the log-files! Otherwise i can't help you.



All Rights Reserved unless otherwise explicitly stated(22.04.2019 by Sebastian (Ingamename: Setrion).

You are allowed to:

  • play the mod
  • use the mod in your modpack(private and public)
  • making videos about the mod
  • posting the mod on your webside(but only if my name is mentioned and link my forum thread!!!)
  • using my images (but don’t do your waterbranding on it and mention the source of them!!!)


You are not allowed to

  • Say that you made the mod
  • make your own download link for Earths Animals, use the one from curse forge linked in the download section






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