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Knob Control Lets you the Modpack maker decide what you want to change and how you want to change it. You are able to do many thing from Turn instant death on/off from not eating to Controlling mob spawn light levels


 I have put a lot of time and thought into this mod to make it work the way a Modpack maker would want it by setting everything up in a Modular setting.


Below you will find a list of Changes you can make.


Main Config:

  • Allows you full control over every Modular in Knob Control
  • Turn on/off Flat Bedrock
  • Turn on/off Feather Drops along with how often they drop
  • Client Options which include Turning on/off the F3 Screen, FOV Changes, Food Info, Potion icons and Potion inventory Shift.
  • Game Rules which include Turning on/off Day-Night Cycle, Fire Tick, Keep Inventory, Natural Regeneration and PvP.
  • Fast Leaf Decay
  • Spawn in Wall Protection
  • Rideable Mobs Don't take damage
  • Pass Through Signs
  • Melons do Full drops instead of slices
  • Disable Sleep
  • Poison Control which include Turning on/off Weakness, Slowness, Reduce Poision Damage and control the ticks of each one.
  • Disable Villages
  • Disable Rain
  • Disable Thunder
  • Make Withers only Spawnable in the Nether.


  • Extra Crafting Modular
  • Furnace Modular
  • Hardcore Modular
  • Item Stacks Modular
  • Light Levels modular
  • Mob Drops Modular
  • Mob Events Modular
  • Mob Spawns Modular
  • Ore Control Modular
  • Random Bones Modular
  • Remove Drops modular
  • Remove Mobs Modular
  • Remove Vanilla Items modular
  • Terrain Control modular
  • Uncrafting modular

Each Modular has setting that you can set the way you want them They are as Follows.


Extra Crafting modular:

  • Added Extra Crafting recipes like Chest from logs, Flint recipe, nametags, xp bottles and more
  • i have also included some Old School recipes like Arrows, Books, Notch Apple, horse Armor and oak Fence
  • You are also able to recycle gold and iron back into ingots

Furnace Modular:

  • Control what burns in a Furnace and the Temps


Hardcore Modular:

  • Angry pigman when destroying blocks with a chance config
  • Turn on/off Instant Death from Cactus, Dragons Breath, Fall Damage, Falling Blocks, Fire, Lava, Lightning Strikes, Instant Drown, Food Overhaul and Wither Effect
  • Turn on/off Hunger Loss and set the Amount
  • Sleep Hunger and set the tick at which the player losses hunger during sleep
  • No Swimming Allowed
  • Netherrack can burn the player and set the time a player burns from stepping on it

Item Stacks Modular:

  • Allows you to stack the unstable and the amounts like Beef Stews, Cakes, Boats, Eander Pearls, Minecarts and more

Light Levels Modular:

  • lets you control at what Light Level mobs and Passive Mobs can spawn

Mob Drops Modular:

  • Lets you set Drops and Player Only Kill Drops for EVERY MOB in the modpack, See Example below for more info

Mob Events Modular:

  • Allows you to control Player Effects when fighting Mobs or killing Passive Mobs. Think infernal Mobs but with no way to tell what mob does what. 
  • You can set the Chance for each Mob and Passive Mob
  • You can set each Effect as well
  • Effects include Blindness, Hunger, Instant Damage, Mining Fatigue, Nausea, Poison, Slowness, Unluck, Weakness and Wither

Mob Spawns Modular:

  • Allows you to add Mobs to each Biome
  • Allows you to set the Mobs Min and Max Group Sizes
  • Allows you to set the Mobs Spawn Weights
  • Does not Work with Passive Mobs

Ore Control Modular:

  • Allows you to turn off Any Vanilla Ore
  • Allows you to turn off Any Modded Ore that uses the OreGenEvent.GenerateMinable event
  • Allows you to turn off underground Dirt, Gravel, Diorite, Granite, Andesite and Silverfish

Random Bones Modular:

  • Allows you to control what Mob drops a bone when killed. 

Remove Drops Modular:

  • Allows you to remove Vanilla Drops from Mobs and Passive Mobs

Remove Mobs modular:

  • Allows you to remove Vanilla Mobs and Passive Mobs

Remove Vanilla Items:

  • Allows you to Remove Vanilla Tools and Armor

Terrain Control Modular:

  • Allows you to Turn on/off Worldgen Options like Big Shrooms, Cactus, Clay, Dead Bushes and more
  • Allows you to Turn on/off Generation of Trees in Plains Biome

Uncrafting Modular:

  • Allows you to make Vanilla Items and Blocks recipe change like Glass Bottles back into Glass, Furnace back into Cobblestone, Crafting Tables back into Planks and more


Mod Drop Modular Info:

You will need to use the following to Add Drops:

ModID:Item:Meta:Qty(Random 1 - number set):Chance(0.01 - 1)


bat {
S:drops <

S:"player kill drops" <



Knob Control works along side all my other mods which can be found at:


Kashdeya Projects


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