Kitchen Sink

411,259 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 21, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2   +3

I am in college and just don't have the time and motivation to keep my mods up to date or do any major bug fixes. If anyone wishes to take over and keep any of my mods updated please message me.


In short, this mod is going to be everything I can find under my kitchen sink. This mod just adds a bunch of useful items/blocks to improve your Minecraft life.




Recipes-Use JEI for all recipes


Go check out my wiki here! It has info about all items/blocks in my mod.


All suggestions can be left in my Github issues section, just make sure to label them with [Suggestion]. On that note leave all bug reports at that same link!


~If you wanna donate some mining hashes or bitcoin to me for whatever reason my address is "32z6L9bzkUeagejdtzLSLqM8wgbdE2UiCe".


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