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Heads up!

Mod is currently on maintenance mode, most updates will only be minor bugfixes and patches as I am currently working on the third rewrite, no target date.
Also there will likely be a lack of testing for quilt due to time restrictions.


Latest News


Bugfixes and Language addition


Credits to:

Fix - keys not being saved after editing - SettingDust
Fix - dont slugify categories to allow cjk searching - SettingDust
Language - UK_UA - Eugene

Old News



Custom Config screen, lesser dependencies, much happy!
Added credits screen for contributors :D


Added Japanese key layout, thanks BlueSheep2804!
Added ZH_CN Language, thanks DarkCrystalll!


!! Key Combination support is here !!

▶️ You can now combine any single key with multiple modifier keys (ctrl, alt, shift)!
▶️ Combinations will still appear as part of the assigned actions tooltip for the virtual keys
▶️ Combinations will show up as a small yellow box inside the assigned key
▶️ You can still assign the modifier keys as you normally would
▶️ Actions cannot have the same keymap


- Added Dvorak and Colemak layouts



Malilib support is current not available for these builds,

if you are looking for Malilib support then the latest builds that

supports it are those of versions 0.4.3 and below.




Press " ` " (grave accent key) to open ingame!






Required Mods

Fabric API (fabric)

ModMenu (fabric)




Github Issues