Just Enough Reactors

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A JEI and Extreme Reactors addon that displays which materials can be used inside Reactors (as Reactor Fuel or Reactor Interior) and Turbines in JEI.

Currently Implemented

  • Fuels and what waste they produce
  • Blocks and Fluids usable inside the Reactor (as a coolant)
  • Blocks usable inside the Turbine as a coil


Features Planned

  • Display how much fuel a single item equals
  • Option to display the numerical stats



Feel free to contact me with feature requests, questions about the mod, bug reports, or pretty much anything else mod-related.

If you have a bug or crash to report, please use the issue tracker. If it is anything else, here are other ways to contact me.

I'm very active on Discord and in all honesty it's the best way of reaching out to me. Just jojn my server and have a talk. Keep in mind it's mostly for my plugins so just say that you're there because of the mod. Makes things easier. Also you can use Discord without an account in case you don't have one and don't want to sign up.
Server: https://discord.me/bungeechat