JJ Races

119,947 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 30, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2   +2


Important Update:


- now you can add new skins by adding them to the .jar file in the path \ assets \ jjraces \ textures \ skin
- fix player arms were always thin, it was not possible to set the width of the arms


- added config to enable pvp mode (which does not let us see the username beyond the walls)
- added config to set the distance beyond which the username should not be seen
- added new tab to change the skin
- added new tab to set the height of the first person view

- new "Grell" breed added

- new "Vinska" breed added
- fix the "mirror" object and the "comb" object were not consumed correctly
- fix version cheker is now run in the packetsettingclient
- now the height of the nickname varies according to the breed
- render.pre event priority lowered from higt to lowest
- added layercape
- modified cape rendering with my own model

- new "Orc" breed added
- added 2 models for the orc race

- fix when you die in multiplayer the player returned to being a normal human
- fix when changing the color of an accessory in multiplayer this was also changed to all other players with that accessory
- fix the superficial skin of the players was not shown
- log cleaning
- added comb (with the comb you can not change breed but only accessories)
- fix when lowered, the models of the breed remained in a lower position
- added two new breast models
- added the possibility to change the breasts (superficial or external skin)
- modified the gui to configure the race
- now women can not bear a beard anymore
- now it is possible to be a dwarf bearded man
- added 2 new hair models
- now, once the Pettine or the Mirror is used, they will be consumed
- added config to determine if the comb or the mirror should wear out
- performance improvement
- modification, now when hair is not worn, the hair is not rendered (to avoid the effect of the hair coming out)
- added the possibility to configure the scale of each model to determine its size


Add your Custom Skin:



New Race: Grell

New Race: Vinska



This mode adds 7 races to the world of Minecraft (Human, Dwarf, Elves, Kull, Orc, Grell, Vinska). Adds to select the sex of your character, women will have breasts and will be slightly lower than men.
Right-clicking on the "Mirror" item or the "Comb" item or pressing the "R" key will open the GUI configuration of your breed.
By default, the "R" key is disabled, while right-clicking is enabled. You can modify these parameters by config.
You can also choose the sex of your character.
English, Spanish and Italian are supported.
The item, "Mirror", cannot be obtained in survival mode. It is only available in creative mode, under the "JJ Races" inventory tab.

It is possible to use a set of preset skins in addition to your own skin, in the last update you can also change the player's first-person height
















Future Upgrades:
- addition of new models of hair and hair
- new breed "Grell"
- new breed "Vinska"
- new breed "Orc"
- Spanish language support


This mod is free, and may be used in any modpacks.


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