JJ Coats of Arms

173,761 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 26, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2



Thanks to this Mod, each player will be able to create his own personalized coat of arms.

Operation is very simple, just place a stem block block and apply it to the type of canvas you prefer.


It is possible to stretch the hanging hangers infinitely.


Long Cloth dimostration:




For crafting the "Palette" item you can use any type of wood and any kind of dye.

With the "palette" tool:


  • Click Left or Press Key C: Open the guitar configuration to customize it
  • Click Right: you imprint the coat of arms on the canvas

Blocks added:

  • suspended banner structure
  • fence bend structure


Item added:

  • palette
  • U-shaped cloth
  • canvas at W 

Future additions:

  • canvas at V
  • block crest
  • Block table with crest tablecloth
  • many other blocks on which you can embed your coat of arms.

Video Review:




  • the possibility that players copy the placed crests (with the palette in the right hand key + shift)
  • enable / disable the setup gui by right-click (when you have the palette in your hand)
  • enable / disable configuration guides using the C key (when you have the palette in hand, of course you can also change the key)
  • enable / disable new mod update on access message 

Over 1300 icons were obtained from the site: game-icons.net. Icons made by orcblog.blogspot.it


This mod is free, and may be used in any modpacks.



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