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 New Update [New Impact Mode]:
Now the meteors naturally arise automatically in the world



New Item Telescope: 


 Creafting Telescope:

Meteor Powder:


- Added new crash mode "Spawn Block Meteor"
- Added "telescope" item that provides a timer of the next crash
- Changed the names of the meteor blocks
- Added Meteora Dust item
- Added no pvp area that is activated after the crash (IN MODES Spawn Block Meteor)
- Added colors to the crash message
- The config are now renamed according to the version of the mod

- Fix checker version now runs in package packages


This mode adds two meteors that will crash onto the terrain of the Minecraft world. Since the last update the meteors will fall randomly and automatically in your world. It is a very useful mod for a server manager, adding a new mechanism similar to an event. In fact, when the meteor hits the ground, items will be dropped.


Only one OP player can spawn the meteor with the /meteor command


- the Red Meteor is rarer, in fact there is a 16.66% chance of crashing;
- as regards the distance between the player and the crash it is a little more complex to explain but I try. If you play in single player then it is simple the meteor crashes ax = player.x +/- 100 ez = player.z +/- 100, if instead you play in multiplayer then the mod will look for an intermediate point between them in order to be more neutral as possible

- there is already a config to disable the possibility of writing in chat that the meteor is about to crash, you must go to the "mod options" and find the item "show_message_start_meteor", there is also another item that allows you to edit the message crash "message_start_meteor"



Complete command: (type_of_meteor is optional 0 = Ancestral Meteor, 1 = Burning Meteor)
/meteor x y z destroy second drop_item drop_number type_of_meteor
Reduced command: (meteor spawned at player coordinates) (type_of_meteor is optional 0 = Ancestral Meteor, 1 = Burning Meteor)
/meteor destroy second drop_item drop_number type_of_meteor


Command Arguments:
- x = coordinate x;
- y = y coordinate;
- z = coordinate z;
- destroy = burst power, if you do not want to damage the surface leave 0
- second = the seconds prior to the crash starting from when the command is sent;
- drop_item = The drop you want to release after the crash (example: minecraft: diamond or customen: customblock);
- drop_number = amount of drop item;

- type_of_meteor = (is optional 0 = Ancestral Meteor, 1 = Burning Meteor)


You can also configure in the settings of the mod:
- show new update message (default true)
- show meteor start message (default true)
- meteor start text (default "a meteor crashes to the ground")
- show approximate coord (default true)
- show exact coord (default false)
- explosion with flames (default true)


- English
- Italian
- Spanish



- 1.12-1.12.2 v1.0.9

- 1.10-1.10.2 v1.0.7



If you make a video review, I'll be happy to include it in this discussion, so please report it in the messages below.





This mod is free, and may be used in any modpacks.