Jewelrycraft 2

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Jewelrycraft 2 is a magic mod where you can create jewelry and wear them. They render on the player and is Multiplayer compatible. You can also add objects to the pieces of jewelry as modifiers. Depending on what modifier was used different jewelry have different effects, each coming with both a positive value and a negative value. There are also certain actions that, when done, grant you Curse Points. One you have gained your first points you will have a curse upon you, some good, some bad. The more curse points you have, the more active curses you can have at once.


Initially Jewelrycraft 2 was supposed to be just a huge update to my first mod, Jewelrycraft. However, I had made so many changes that I decided to make it a whole new mod instead. I have been working on this for several months with the help of some friends for some parts and although I have just recently fulfilled my quota for releasing the mod to the public, I would still consider this an alpha mod. The base is there, but there is so much more stuff that I want to add, which is why I consider that.


The mod has its own inventory, so you don't have to worry about having the jewelry occupy space in your actual inventory. The mod requires Forge version at least 10.13.0. 


For talking about the mod, modding in general, or other things, you can find me on irc.esper.net, #jewelrycraft











You receive this book upon spawning in a new world or in a world where you did not receive this item yet.






To get a piece of jewelry you need a Smelter, a Molder, a Mold of your choice, some ingots or ores to smelt and optionally a Jeweler's Crafting Table and a gem of your choice. First place down the Smelter, then in front of it place the Molder then right click on the Molder with the mold to add it. Add in the ingots to the Smelter by right clicking with them on the block. You can place up to 9 ingots, or 4 ores and 1 ingot (ores output 2 ingots). Once it is done smelting simply left click on the Smelter to pour the metal into the Molder. Once the metal is done cooling left click it to retrieve your jewelry. Now you can add modifiers to that.

Optionally: You can right click a Jeweler's Crafting Table with your jewelry and then add the gem of your choice in the same way. Once it is done adding the gem, left click the block to retrieve your fancy jewelry.

Jewelry can be put in their special inventory and will render on the player:






Hearts drop randomly when you kill an entity. There are 4 types of hearts:

Red - Which heal you 1 heart when stepping into it, unless you are at full health

Blue - Which gives you 1 Spirit Heart that acts like a barrier between you and your actual health, so when you get attacked those hearts go first before your actual health does

Black - Gives you 1 Cursed Heart that, just like the Blue Heart, is depleted first when you take damage rather than your actual health, but in addition to that it also does damage to nearby entities

White - These hearts offer only a bit of protection. You gain half of a Holy Heart when interacted with it and once you gain another one they disappear and you gain 1 permanent extra heart.


They are exactly like the normal Hearts, only that they give you half the amount of corresponding health, except the white one, which gives you half a heart as well. They have the same chance to drop as the regular Hearts.

These hearts will render in your bottom left corner of the screen. Blue hearts are the first to get damaged, then come the black ones and finally the white ones. Since you can't stack white ones, it is suggested you keep safe when you have one if you want to boost your maximum health. Be aware that if you die you no longer have the maximum health.


In order to add modifiers to your jewelry, you need to perform a ritual. To do that you need to construct the following structure. Once you do that add your jewelry in the center pedestal and as many modifiers as you want in the others, then right click the Cursed Eye to begin the ritual. When it is done, Shift+Right Click the center block to get your modified piece of jewelry. Make sure the items from the pedestals are gone before retrieving it though.

For those who prefer a 3D visualization of the structure, here it is:



Earrings: Has a chance to heal the player if on fire or in lava; halves the amount of air a player has under water and doubles the speed air reduces.

Necklace: The player can't catch fire; when in water the player takes half of heart of damage each tick.

Ring: Sets the enemies the player attacks with his bare hands on fire, as long as it is not in water.

Bracelet: Allows the player to step on fire and walk in lava (as long as only the feet are in lava); the player swims slower.


Earrings: Arrows only have a 33% chance to hit the player; those that manage to hit deal double the amount of damage.

Necklace: The player has a 25% chance to evade attacks; fire and lava deal 200% more damage.

Ring: Enemies attacked by the player have a chance to be stunned; the player does only half of the normal damage.

Bracelet: The player falls slowly and negates fall damage; but it walks slower.


Earrings: Endermen do not aggro if looked at; player gets nauseous while looking at an Enderman.

Necklace: Player gets attracted towards end portals; gets blinded whenever hit.

Ring: Has a chance of detecting nearby ores; lower view distance.

Bracelet: The player walks faster in the End; has a random chance to get teleported in a random spot.


Earrings: Projectiles get teleported in a random location; instead of teleporting, the projectile has a chance of causing an explosion.

Necklace: All damage done to the player is done to the attacker as well; the player is weaker.

Ring: Attacked enemies get teleported in a random spot; player deals less damage after attacking an Enderman.

Bracelet: Player teleports to spawn point if below 3 health when attacked; player gets teleported in a random location if in contact with water.


Earrings: Dropping anvils and arrows deal no damage; after a certain amount of arrows or anvils you will instantly die when the next one hits.

Necklace: The player has 200% more protection; it slowly start taking damage in water and can't swim.

Ring: Player deals 100% more damage; after a certain amount of strikes it will attack slower and do less damage.

Bracelet: No fall damage; after a certain amount of falls the player starts taking damage and move slower.


There are 3 ways of gaining curse points:

1. Getting caught while trying to steal from villagers

2. Performing a ritual and not putting an item in every single pedestal

3. Having Infamy and attacking a peaceful creature

Curses last until you die. Once you respawn your old curse gets removed and a random curse is added to you.


The player is poisoned.

The player has a chance to heal a bit after attacking a creature.

Has a chance of making mobs drop more loot and increases the chance of hearts dropping.

Does currently nothing other than render a pentagram underneath the player's feet.

Transforms all entities touched into gold, that when mined drop golden nuggets in proportion to their size. Also, all items that the player holds transform into golden variants as well. Players don't currently get transformed into gold.

Whenever the player attacks a peaceful creature it has a random chance of lowering its maximum health by half a heart, gains one half of a black heart and gains 10 curse points each time. A mask is also rendered on the players face as a visual representation for the curse.

The player can no longer drop items.

The player randomly catches on fire for a few seconds.

The player is blind

Mobs and blocks drop double the amount of items they normally would.



Here are some screenshots I took. If you have an awesome screenshot of the mod that you would like me to add on the post, just leave a comment with it in it and a message stating what it is.


- Sometimes jewelry don't render the correct color

- (Unconfirmed) Only 1 player gets affected by curses in multiplayer

If you find any bug please create an issue HERE


- More curses

- More effects

- Better ritual process

- A new dimension

- Creepy mobs

- More uses for shadow ingots

- Feel free to give suggestions



Jewelrycraft Subreddit



You are allowed to use my mod in a modpack, no need to ask for permission.


Special thanks to the following people:

domi1819 - helped a lot with packets

Damien Hazard - for the awesome Hand Pedestal model

pau101 - for helping me animate the Hand Pedestal

MrCompost - for art

DizzyAaron - for making a modpack which included Jewelrycraft, making me want to work more on Jewelrycraft 2

You guys - for being awesome


Why not make a mod spotlight or any video of any kind? If you do, I will post it on the thread. Also do leave a comment below, it helps a lot ;)


Version 1.0.8
- Working on a GUI showing what curses you get with a description on them
- Added a search bar in the Liquids Tab for easier searching
- Fixed an issue with golden objects giving errors due to missing default texture
- Improved the Infamy Mask to have less parts, thus causing less lag
- Improved ingots and ore detection
- Fixed certain ores when smelted outputting a different ingot
- Necklaces and Rings now render as well
- Updated the guide at the Guide item to have the proper link to the mod as well as mention the right people who helped with it
- Added a list of the ores that work in the guide
- Added a new tab to the guide regarding the ores and the ingots they create
- Changed the stun effect caused by rings with feathers as modifiers to be a potion effect instead


Version 1.0.7
- Fixed villages crashing on a server
- Fixed item duplication glitch


Version 1.0.6
- Fixed the mod from crashing on a server


Version 1.0.5

- Made the ritual even better
- Fixed a type where the "Thieving Gloves" were named "Thiefing Gloves"
- Fixed the world from crashing when entering one
- Changed Flaming Soul Curse to set players on fire when they attack something, rather than randomly
- Player no longer gets blinded when the ritual starts
- The ritual now creates a sphere of darkness around it


Version 1.0.4

- Hand Pedestals no longer close the palm when you put something in
- Fixed the ritual crashing

- Fixed the Liquids Tab from crashing


Version 1.0.3
- Removed the Jewel Altar
- Improved Ritual


Version 1.0.2

- Fixed an issue where the mod would crash with certain other mods installed

Version 1.0.1
- Fixed some grammatical errors from the guide.
- Made the Smelter basin and bucket look metallic
- Made the Jeweler's Crafting Table texture to have a wooden top and stone legs
- Updated forge to version
- Changed the Jeweler's Crafting Recipe to use stone instead of cobblestone
- Fixed Fossils and Archeology from crashing
- Added a mcmod.info and a logo to it

Version 1.0.0
- Released the mod


After you downloaded the mod simply put the mod in the mods folder. Make sure you have forge installed (at least version Then you can run the game and voila, the mod is installed.

Those who want to donate you can click this button:

Or those who fancy Patreon, I have a page for that as well: Patreon