Item Recycler


Adds a simple recycler block that lets you recycle items into their components!

This mod does not have any default recipes, it's up to modpack author to add them! Please do not report missing recipes as an issue.

Simply put items in top slots, click Start Recycling and wait for it to finish! It will stop once you run out of items or it's full.

By default it won't recycle anything, you have to add recipes yourself. Datapack json:

{ "type": "recycler:recycler", "ingredient": { "item": "minecraft:dirt" }, "results": [ { "item": "minecraft:wheat_seeds", "count": 3 }, { "item": "minecraft:stone" } ], "time": 60 }

time is optional, defaults to 60. Supports KubeJS:

event.recipes.recyclerRecycler('3x minecraft:wheat_seeds', 'minecraft:dirt') event.recipes.recyclerRecycler(['3x minecraft:cobblestone', 'minecraft:stone', '4x minecraft:coal'], 'minecraft:obsidian') event.recipes.recyclerRecycler('3x minecraft:wheat_seeds', 'minecraft:grass').merge({time: 60})