FTB Library (Fabric)


If you are looking for Forge version, it's here! https://curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/ftb-library-forge

FTB Library serves as a foundational component for FTB Mods. It's designed to simplify and enhance the modding experience for our developers, streamlining the development process for mods within the Feed the Beast ecosystem. While primarily intended for use by FTB Mods such as FTB Chunks and FTB Quests, it is not explicitly prohibited for integration into non-FTB mods. However, please note that using it in such contexts may pose challenges, and the responsibility for resolving any resulting issues falls upon the mod developer.

Read more about FTB Library on our docs https://go.ftb.team/docs-library

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Key Features


  • Streamlined GUI Development: FTB Library offers a structured framework for GUI creation, allowing us to enhance the user experience within the FTB Mods Suite.
  • Sidebar System: FTB Library introduces a convenient sidebar system located at the top left of your inventory screen, providing quick access to essential features.
  • Config Library: Easily manage configurations and settings for your mods with FTB Library's built-in config library, making it simple to customize your gaming experience.
  • SNBT System: FTB Library includes an SNBT (String Named Binary Tag) system, which simplifies data storage and manipulation within your mod, ensuring smooth integration and compatibility.
  • SNBT-Based Config System: Utilize the SNBT-based config system to streamline the configuration of your mod, enabling quick adjustments to its behavior and appearance.
  • NBT Editor: Access a powerful NBT editor through the "/ftblibrary nbtedit" command. This tool allows you to modify the NBT data of block entities, entities, or players directly from a user-friendly GUI.
  • Utility Commands: FTB Library provides handy utility commands, such as "/ftblibrary night" and "/ftblibrary day" to control the in-game time and "/ftblibrary rain" to start or stop rain, simplifying your gameplay experience.


Example GUI's


Extensible Sidebar Buttons


FTB Library introduces the capability for other mods to create sidebar buttons via JSON files, enhancing the overall functionality and versatility of FTB Mods.



Note: While FTB Library is not designed for use in non-FTB mods, it is not explicitly restricted. Developers choosing to integrate it into such projects should be prepared for potential challenges.


Please proceed with caution and take full responsibility for any compatibility or integration issues that may arise. You can report bugs or feature requests on our GitHub issues page.



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