31,733 Downloads Last Updated: May 19, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2
I thought this day would never come but...
This mod has finally been updated to 1.12! Version 1.13 might come at a later point.
What is this mod all about?
You probably know that you need a lot of Torches to keep your house well-lit. You could also use Glowstone, but that is very bulky and doesn't look great either.
As the title suggests this mod allows you to place light sources that are invisible. You won't even notice they are there!
You can turn this:
Into this:
In case you want to watch a video about this mod instead of reading the description, have some!
Keep in mind they might show outdated content or mechanics.
Feel free to produce a video yourself, I'll put here if you let me know.
(by BioMasterZap)
(by ClumsyMinecraft)
This mod adds one item: the Rod of Light. (It also adds a block for technical reasons, but you don't have to worry about that one.)
Here's how to craft it:
To place a light source, you need some Glowstone dust in your inventory (unless you are in creative mode). Hold the Rod into your main- or offhand and right-click on a block surface. Placing a light source consumes two Glowstone dust by default (config option).
Now the best part is you can make the light sources visible! To do that, sneak and right-click the Rod of Light. You'll hear a ding sound effect and notice all placed light sources are visible now. You can break them while they can be seen, and even get your Glowstone back (also a config option).
To make everything nicely hidden again, do another sneak right-click.
You can even upgrade it to the powered version by attaching some Redstone to it!
The powered version can be charged in any Forge Energy compatible charger, and uses that power to place light sources instead of Glowstone.
Light sources hidden:
Light sources visible:
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