Immersive Intelligence

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Immersive Intelligence is an addon for Immersive Engineering for 1.12.2.
Keep in mind, the mod is still work-in-progress. Many of the planned features are not fully implemented.

The Mod's content is split into 4 categories:


Data and Electronics

This category adds the data system, which allows the player to transmit signals on the data network via packets of variables. There are many multiblock machines which allow reading, writing, modifying, transmitting and receiving data, allowing it to be an upgraded, more precise version of redstone.
Many devices from the mod use data, often as a way of configuring them (like the ammunition factory multiblock or the chemical dispenser) or a way of giving orders (like the inserters or the the printing press).
Immersive Intelligence also changes the default way of producing circuits (can be disabled in config) and adds two new tiers of them - the advanced and processor circuits.


Logistics is a category containing various devices that make item and fluid transfer easier. This includes inserters - robotic arms that can pick up and drop items, skycrates - crates on ziplines distributed using minecarts, packer - a machine that rapidly packs items to crates or bullets to machinegun magazines and other small utilities.
This category is going to be expanded in future with a logistics system powered by conveyors, computers, drones and shelves.



Warfare Section


This category focuses on combat - both defense and offense.

II introduces the universal Ammunition System. The system allows for producing ammunition (Bullets, Shells, Grenades and Mines) made of custom ingredients. Want to penetrate a steel wall with your gun? Apply a tungsten or uranium core. Want some explosions - use RDX. Maybe you want to burn your enemies alive? No problem, put some white phosphorus into your bullets.
Another part of the bullet system is the addition of block damage. Every bullet can damage a block, penetrate trough it or ricochet off it.


The mod also adds many new weapons.
The Submachinegun excells at close range combat and can be upgraded to fit a certain role. A silencer can be attached for covert ops, the gun's wooden stock can be switched to a folding one, a bayonet can also be attached.

The Machinegun is a static defense weapon. It can supress the enemy behind cover and if they decide for a frontal attack - tear them apart automatic fire. The gun can be mounted on a tripod, have protective shields attached, be belt-fed from an ammunition crate and its barrels can be switched to a water-cooled or high rate of fire one.

The Mortar is a portable artillery weapon used for shooting targets at medium range indirectly. The ammunition system allows to create custom shells for it, making it very universal: it can shoot flares as well as incendiary and explosive ammo.

The Light Howitzer is a artillery gun requiring 2 crewmen to operate - one is a loader and another is a commander. It can be towed by the motorbike, making it highly mobile medium-range indirect weapon.

The Artillery Howitzer is a heavy multiblock, which allows shooting targets as far as 4000 blocks with pin-point accuracy! (since 0.2.2™) It requires data machines to give it commands, making it an automatable, long-range support weapon.

The emplacement is a heavy defensive turret multiblock, which allows one of the weapons to be mounted on it. The weapons include:

  • the Machinegun Nest - an automatic weapon providing high amounts of suppression and quick death for those brave enough to walk towards it
  • the Heavy Railgun - a precise anti-armor weapon firing railgun rods or grenades, penetrates through most walls
  • the Heavy Chemthrower - a 2-barrel chemthrower with significantly increased range, perfect for dealing with swarms of enemies
  • the Autocannon - a quad mount platform automatic gun platform used for dealing with ground and airborne enemies
  • the Tesla Coil - similar to the default tesla coil, but able to target multiple enemies at once with much higher voltage
  • the Counter-Projectile Defense System (CPDS) - an advanced, computer-guided weapon protected by a heavy turret and designed to eliminate airborne targets, including artillery shells
  • the Infrared Observer - a weapon used to scan a large area for enemies and send their coordinates to other turrets through the data system

It has a complex filter-based and offers multiple configurations to be stored. It also can send the detected target (or multiple targets in case of IR Observer) for other turrets to attack or to be processed by the data machines you set up.


Besides guns, the mod also adds Hand and Railgun Grenades, Land and Naval Mines along with Mine Detectors, data controlled Radio Explosives and much more.


In future this category will be expanded with Combat Drones and Missile Silos.



Intelligence is a category focused on espionage, infiltration, sabotage and reconnaissance.
It includes machines used for automated detection of enemies and friendlies - the Radar and the Infrared Observer as well as manual detection - Binoculars and the Tripod Periscope.

Counter-espionage methods are also included: the Light Engineer Armor can 




The mod also expands on ore generation, adding tungsten, platinum and two new nether ores. It also adds a new Rotary Power System using Belts, Motor Wheels and Gearboxes, the Sawmill multiblock, 4 new drill heads and (experimental, use /summon command) a Motorbike and Towed Field Artillery.


Keep in mind, that the mod isn't finished and is currently in beta.