Immersive Energy

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Add Immersive Power Generation!

*logo made with Flaxbeard's Immersive Petroleum as a base


Please delete the old config file when updating to 0.4.3.

This mod is an addon to Immersive Engineering, intended to add various immersive power generation choices.

Please leave any suggestions in Issues, or on my Discord Server. Also, check out discord for test-builds!


Currently Adds:

- Thorium: spawns roughly the same as uranium, has a very low chance of giving uranium when crushed. Block works with the Thermoelectric generator.

- Tungsten: A very rare ore, the rods make for powerful munition for the railgun, though conversely has the highest dropoff rate.

- Portable Solar Panel: generates power depending on the sun's position, height, weather, and biome. Will lose stored power when not generating. It requires a solid base. Keeps energy stored when broken.

- Hefty Wrench: An upgradable weapon that also functions as a hammer, as well as an Electric Hammer from Immersive Intelligence, though that requires power.

- Environmental Suit [WIP]: Protects the wearer from most types of harm. Fully functional, though lacks texture and model, recipe will change in the future. [WIP]

- Serene Seasons compatibility: Solar Panels will generate more/less depending on the season.

- Portable Gas Burner: Functions Similar to a Smoker, works on any item that results in a food item/drink item. Uses liquid fuels. Needs a minimum amount of heat, but more heat makes it even faster.



- Solar Panels can be placed next to other solar panels without needing a solid base

- Add a Large, less portable Solar Panel

- Add weather mod comparability. (Weather, storms & tornadoes comparability)

- Add Radiation (API) 

- Add Fluid Battery Multiblock (WIP)

- Add Solid Fuel Fission Reactor

- Add Molten Salt Reactor 

- Add Turbines (WIP)

- Add Large Liquid Storage (for Fluid Battery, WIP)

- Geothermal Heater (WIP)

- Cooling Towers, three tiers (soon to be WIP)

- Add Solid/Fluid Boilers

- Add Pollution of the Realms support

- Add Immersive Petroleum support


Known bugs:

- Cables won't render in certain directions, this is only a visual problem, all functionality remains. Has been fixed in 0.6.

- The base of the solar panel doesn't have a hitbox, this is temporary until I get it to work properly.


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