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I Wanna Skate is a radical (see what I did there...) mod all about skateboard and skating. Craft your own skateboard, preform tricks, find cool skating gear, and interact with skateboarding mobs - it's all here and more.


To get started, first you'll need to craft a skateboard. The skateboard deck can be assembled out of any wooden planks (including other mods' wood types!). The trucks are made of iron, and the wheels will have to be obtained by killing Skater Skeletons, a new kind of hostile monster. These materials can be assembled into your first skateboard, or used to create a guidebook, Skating Made Simple.

Skater Skeletons are somewhat elusive mobs that only spawn on blocks that can be skated on, such as stone or concrete. They are also slightly rarer than witches. These skeletons have traded in their bows for a powerful skateboard, which they use to chase after their quarry relentlessly, and bash them over the head with repeatedly. They drop skateboard wheels, their helmets and rarely their own skateboard. During certain months they can also drop holiday-themed wheels, too.

Skater skeletons
Once you have your skateboard completed, you'll definitely want to make sure you use it on solid terrain. Skateboards don't work too well on dirt, grass, sand, and other "natural" blocks. Try stone and concrete instead! The guidebook provides more information on how this mechanic works. When the skateboard is placed down in the world, it can be mounted by clicking on it.

Controlling a skateboard is a bit different from controlling another mount, like a pig or a horse. Holding forwards will start to pedal the board and propel it forwards, filling up the "inertia" bar on the left hand side of the screen. Once this bar is full you can stop pedaling until you loose significant speed - otherwise you will not reach maximum speed whilst skating! Holding the back key will quickly stop the movement of the skateboard and lift the front of it off the ground. While the skateboard is in motion, the left and right keys can be used to tilt the skateboard to change its direction. Don't forget to wear a helmet - otherwise you can receive some damage by slamming into a wall or falling from a height.

The large bar replacing the xp bar is a trick bar, and it functionally works similar to a horse's jump bar. Filling up this bar half way by holding space will preform an ollie, and if it is filled up most of the way a kickflip will be preformed. You can grind on rails, walls, fences and iron bars by getting your skateboard on top of them. By drinking the added Energy Drink item, you can enter slow motion when you preform some of these tricks - just be careful not to become overcaffeniated! More skate tricks are planned in the future.

In order to mimic how every skateboard in real life is unique, your board is heavily customizable. You can swap out the wheels with dozens of different color variants, and even novelty wheels that emit particles, trails or have other special properties. Skateboards can be combined in a crafting bench with a wool carpet to add or change the color of the grip tape on top of the board. By crafting the board with a banner, you can place that banner pattern on the bottom of the board. All of these options add nearly infinite customization when combined - and we haven't even covered enchantments yet.

There are currently 10+ enchantments that are unique to skateboards, which also can be given other general enchantments like unbreaking. These enchantments are:

  • Aerial I-IV: Increases ollie and kickflip airtime.
  • Bashing I-IV: Increases melee damage of held Skateboards, and adds contact damage whilst skating.
  • Benthic: Allows the Skateboard to be used underwater, incompatible with Surfing.
  • Clambering: Allows the Skateboard to automatically climb up one-block heights.
  • Earthcrosser: Allows the Skateboard to travel over dirt, grass, etc. unimpeded.
  • Hardwood: Skateboard no longer takes damage from natural damage sources like fire and cactus.
  • Inertial I-III: Decreases how quickly inertia is lost whilst skating.
  • Instant Return: Dismounting the board delivers it straight to the skater's inventory.
  • Onboarding: Mobs that walk over the board will begin to skate with it.
  • Pedalling I-II: Decreases how much time is required to pedal the board.
  • Secured: Reduces fall damage and stops falling off of the board from happening.
  • Sidewinder I-II: Skateboard can pivot left and right faster.
  • Surfing: Allows the Skateboard to glide over water as if it was a solid surface, incompatible with Benthic.


Most mobs in the vanilla game should be animated when controlling a skateboard using Onboarding. There is built-in support for Alex's Mobs and Cloud Storage mobs as well. Many other mods with humanoid mobs will also work seamlessly.

The shimmering effect that enchantments give can be removed by combining the skateboard with Shimmering Wax.

Finally, there is the Wandering Skater. This Nitwit villager decided to leave its village and skate the Overworld, while also trading for Skating equipment along the way. There is a chance for one merchants to spawn nearby every few days. They are the sole source of most of the 'Novelty' skateboard wheels that have special effects. Unlike other villagers, they are not defenseless and will use their skateboards as melee weapons, preforming a powerful swinging attack. If you give one some Emerald Skateboard Wheels, they may feel encouraged to stick around for a bit. Other items sold by these guys include cool new dyable hats like beanies and caps, placable Pizza Slices, enchanted books, energy drinks and more.

Wandering Skaters


There's much more miscellaneous content included in I Wanna Skate, and far more to come. These planned features include:

- Skatepark Structure

- Skater villagers in actual villages

- Skater illagers

- More tricks

- Entire trick combo system

- More advancements

- More enchantments

- More novelty wheels

-Half-pipe blocks
- Much more secret stuff...


I hope you enjoy the mod and happy skating!



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