I Need Them Ores


The purpose of this mod is to generate ores. You can now already start a world without having to wait for your tech mods. The ores will generate. When your favorite tech mods are updated you can install and use them as your world has already generated all the ores. Otherwise you would have to either create a new world or discover new chunks. Initially I made this for myself. But I figured I wasnt the only one waiting for their tech mods.



- Ores only! No functionality at all except ore generation and smelting.
- Tags (ore dictionary) are fully setup. So full compatibility with other mods.
- All ores customizable via config files in your ordinary config folder. You can change: Harvest-Level (Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond), Rarity, Veign-Size, Max Height, Min Height or just disable it entirely.


This mod adds (in this order in the picture):
- Aluminum
- Bismuth
- Copper
- Iridium
- Lead
- Nickel
- Platinum
- Silver
- Tin
- Uranium
- Zinc


If you have any requests for ores let me know!


For the future I will most likely make a trio of changes that work well together:
- One mod (this one) adding ores and acting like a Unidict for ores
- One mod (soon) adding alloys, dust, gears, fluids etc. and acting like a Unidict for all those
- A resource-pack which changes the colors and textures for all ores, ingots, nuggets, blocks, gears, dust etc. added by mods to a unified style.