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Hyper Lighting [Forge]

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1.12.2 is unsupported, and will not be updated! Not even for a donation. If I get harassed and abused by 1.12.2 users again, I will be removing all 1.12 files completely!


ℹ️ About


Hyper Lighting adds new and sometimes useful light sources to Minecraft. It was originally created to just add a single torch to the game that could be turned on and off. It has since involved into a much bigger mod and it now even adds colored lighting to the game with the help of addon mods.


💡 Light Sources


The light sources added by this mod includes:

  • Torches -> that can be turned on and off (based on the Default Minecraft Torches)
  • Lanterns -> that can be turned on and off
  • Tiki Torches -> (cause why not)
  • Underwater Lantern/Torch -> (Yes they work underwater. Why? Spongebob makes campfires underwater and you wanna ask me why??)
  • Candles
  • Candle in a Jar -> (A handheld item that emits light as you move. -> Only Available when RGBLib is installed)
  • Colored Redstone Lamps -> (A colored variation of the minecraft redstone lamps)
  • Solar Powered Fence Lights -> A Solar Powered Fence light with remote switches
  • Switch Box -> A block used to control up to 6 Solar Powered Fence Lights
  • Campfires -> 2 Campfires based on the Minecraft 1.15+ campfires. Both allow you to cook food and support colored Lighting. One of them has a suprise when placed xD
  • Button lights -> Buttons that emits light. Think of them as night lights that can trigger redstone
  • Fluorescent Lights -> Battery Powered, dyeable fluorescent lights
  • Jack O Lanterns -> Halloween Themes Pumpkin lights
  • Lava Lamps (Does not actually use lava!)
  • Unclear glass -> Useful for when you want to spy on your hot neighbour without letting light in
  • Solar Panel -> because power
  • Colored Water -> It's colored, but you can drink it

Almost all lights can be dyed by right clicking them with Dye. If a light supports being dyed, it will be displayed on the tooltip. These lights also emit Colored Lighting based on their color when RGBLib (Formerly Hyper Lighting Core) is installed. See more info here.


Recommended, but not needed mods


Hyper Lighting has integration with some mods to make your game experience even better:

  • Cloth Config -> Allows you to access the in-game config by pressing "HOME" on your keyboard
  • Catalogue -> An Awesome mod that overhauls the MOD Menu and allows you to access the mod config when Cloth Config is installed from the main menu
  • RGBLib -> The complete rewrite of Hyper Lighting Core. Allows lights to emit colored lighting. Currently only on JENKINS until mod is stable
  • The One Probe -> A modern, better version of HYWALA


Getting Support


You can get support for this mod via email (hypherionmc at gmail dot com) or on my discord server. For certain support items there are certain steps to follow.

  • For Issues - Log a new Issue on GitHub (Include your game, forge, java and mod version. If it's a game crash, include your crash log as well)
  • For anything else, use the above email or discord server.




  • Code -> MIT License
  • Assets -> All Rights Reserved
  • Modpacks -> Yes you may use this mod in your modpack




  • Zeitheron - Developer of Colored Lux for his help in getting Colored Lighting working
  • Tohru - Suggested adding more colors to light sources
  • nathanjj09 - For suggesting the new Torch Lighter Tool Texture
  • Torch Lighter Tool - Texture used from this link
  • Mysticpasta1 - For his texture contributions, testing and suggestions
  • DeatH_Mare - For his help in testing and suggestions
  • Zilver Lazarus - For his texture and modeling work