What's this?

Hewo is a server-side mod that adds a chance for chat messages to be "owoified," or transformed in a way such that r's become w's and the tone instantly becomes 100% more cute.

Requires Fabric

Hewo requires Fabric Loader and Fabric API.

A gif is worth a thousand words:

Hewo demostration

By default, the chance for owoification is 5% - you can configure this in the config menu, which is accessible through ModMenu.

If you really want a message to be owoified, this mod also adds an /owo command for on-demand owofication.

Developers: If you want to spice up your mods, Hewo also has an API for you to add your own probability of chat message owoification :)

This is a Fabric mod; I do not plan to port to Forge at this time.