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Heart of the Machine

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Heart of the Machine is a ModFest 1.16 entry.

Heart of the Machine adds a whole new dimension of abandoned machinery to explore. Maybe you can uncover the secrets of this dimension and make use of them somehow.

This mod requires Fabric Language Kotlin


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Getting to the Nectere Dimension

The Nectere (or Nexus) dimension can be accessed through portals that generate at surface level in the overworld. You can locate them using the /locate nectere_portal command. Beware, the Nectere dimension has some pretty wacky terrain and you may want to bring some building blocks just in case you end up spawning in a cliff or on a floating island.

What is still subject to change?

This mod is still under development. We still have plans for adding a lot more content to Heart of the Machine, but some existing content will also be changing as well.

Existing content that will likely be changing in the future is:

  • We will be adding new biomes to the Nectere dimension. This will likely change how terrain is generated, leaving chunk boundaries in generated terrain.
  • Portal connectivity will change. We are planning to a biome-based dimension-squashing system where different biomes have different coordinate multipliers when connecting to the overworld. We may add a command to regenerate natural portal connections if necessary.
  • Some biome features are likely to change. This means that some Plassein Growths may change shape and new structures may start generating in unexplored terrain.
  • Some block textures will change. Many of Heart of the Machine's textures are sill WIP.

Goals for Heart of the Machine

Heart of the Machine is an ancient-technology themed mod with a progression and functionality much like some magic mods. After we have gotten most of the Nectere world-generation and portal systems finalized, we are planning to move on to the technology aspects of the mod.

Some concrete goals we have for Heart of the Machine are:

  • We plan to add an aural energy system similar to Thaumcraft's vis. This energy will be used to power organic and inorganic machinery.
  • We plan to allow players to construct their own portals. This means that players will be able to take full advantage the strange way the Nectere dimension connects to other dimensions.
  • We plan to have portals that connect the Nectere dimension to dimensions other than just the overworld.

We have other plans for Heart of the Machine, but those plans are less concrete.

Known Issues

There are some known issues with the mod. Some are being fixed and some are outside the scope of this mod.

  • ~~Some mods will generate structures in the Nectere dimension when they shouldn't.~~ (Fixed in 0.1.7)
  • ~~Having AE2 installed will cause meteorites to spawn in the Nectere dimension, crashing the server (same as previous issue).~~ (Fixed in 0.1.7)
  • Some textures are broken when using Sodium. This is caused by Sodium not supporting custom block renderers that HotM uses.
  • Updating a world from one Minecraft version to another (e.g. 1.16.3 -> 1.16.4) will cause the world to lose its Nether and End dimensions. This is fixed by the Dimension Update Fixer mod. This issue is caused by weirdness with minecraft disliking custom chunk-generators, meaning that some data-fixers will throw up on them.


Heart of the Machine is licensed under the MIT license.

For more details see the Github Source for the project-


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