Lib Multipart


Players do not need to install this mod

This mod is purely a library mod and should be included in any mods that use it. The only reason you should need to install this mod is if you need to force your game to use a specific version.

Some mods that use this library are:

  • Simple BC Pipes by AlexIIL - A mod that adds some BuildCraft style pipes to the game.
  • Wired Redstone by Kneelawk - A mod that adds redstone wire that can go on walls, much like in the RedPower2 and ProjectRed mods.
  • Vanilla Parts by Juicebus - A mod that allows vanilla blocks like buttons and torches to share a block-space with each other as well as other multipart parts like Wired Redstone wire.



While this is a library mod this does add one block, and only one block: a multipart container. However this isn't useful in the normal sense, as multiparts must be registered by other mods in order to do anything.


Full developer information for using this library (as well as dependency instructions) can be found on the wiki.